Student Information System

Technology connecting your school and families.

Educate is a comprehensive Student Information System (SIS), providing unique features for parents, teachers, and administrators. Schools can view the data needed to drive strategic decisions, support regular communications to current families and alumni and manage classroom grades, assignments and course information.

A single SIS solution

Streamline your school management.

Educate is designed to meet the needs of schools of all sizes. Everyday tasks like managing attendance, sending newsletters and keeping track of alumni are simple to manage, reducing the time your staff spends chasing down information.

Record Management

Centralized data streamlines access.

Educate manages records and data so the solution is intuitive for your community of users — administrators, teachers, families and students. Teachers can upload schedules, attendance, assignments and grades so students and families have a real-time view. Parents can get instant updates about absences, drops in a child’s grades, school closings, and much more. Administrators will enjoy simplified workflows featuring customized dashboards and templates.

Comprehensive Reporting

Insights and data discovery

From enrollment to staffing, student performance, or even classroom ratio histories; collecting and using data about your school is essential to improvement. Administrators can easily examine student or school information with multiple data filters and display methods, such as pie charts and line or bar graphs. Tests can be broken down and evaluated by region, school, grade, gender, age or denomination.

Educate streamlines school management.


Communication tools

Text, email or voicemail alerts, notifications, website updates, templates and distribution


Automated or Ad Hoc Reporting

Multiple report types to meet each department’s needs


Schedule Builder

Assignment, gradebook and attendance management



Maintain meal plans, lunch balances and supply inventory


Evaluations & performance

360-degree peer review for teachers and administration


User-group access & permissions

Designated user group permissions for families and teachers

Start connecting your school and families with Educate.