K-12 Student Information System (SIS)

Streamline Your School, Connect Your Community, and Empower Excellence

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K-12 Student Information System (SIS)

Streamline Your School, Connect Your Community, and Empower Excellence

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K-12 Student Information System (SIS)

Streamline Your School, Connect Your Community, and Empower Excellence

All the Tools You Need, From an Attendance Management System to Student and Family Communication

Educate Student Information System (SIS), a robust k12 student information system, is tailored for small and mid-sized private and independent schools. With enhanced functionality supporting districts and dioceses, Educate seamlessly integrates with TADS, providing a comprehensive student management system. Empower your faculty and staff with the tools needed to connect with students and families while ensuring smooth day-to-day functionality.

Educate Capabilities: 

  • Attendance management system 
  • Grading management system 
  • Student, family, and teacher communication system 
  • Payment management system 
  • Donor management system 
  • Reporting system 
    educate student information system capabilities

    Focus on Your Mission, Not Your Technology

    save time with a student information system

    Save time

    Modern, easy-to-use tools allow faculty and staff to manage student data, take attendance, report grades, and monitor cafeteria sales—eliminating manual tasks and hours of staff time.

    maximise your budget with a student information system

    Maximize your budget

    Get all the tools and support you need to streamline processes and connect your community—without breaking the bank.

    get up and running fast with a student information system

    Get up and running fast

    Our proven implementation approach gets your whole system up and running with best practices while ensuring your school’s unique needs are met—all in about five weeks.

    support staff and families with a student information system

    Provide support for staff and families

    Not only can your faculty, administrators, and staff access our support team—your families can too! Which means fewer calls to your office.

    Key Features of Our K-12 Student Information System

    manage communication with a student information system

    Dynamic Communication Management

    Different families prefer to hear from you in different ways. Educate, a comprehensive student information system software, provides families with the experience they expect and deserve. Built-in tools enable easy tracking of voicemail, email, and text communications. Online family and student portals, integral to a student management system, empower families to view communications, track grades, and update contact information conveniently.

    A Flexible Attendance and Assignment Tracking System

    We know that seasoned teachers have their own ways and that those ways work for them! With flexible options for taking attendance, tracking assignments, finalizing grades, and electronic report cards, Educate, a comprehensive student management system, allows you to support individual preferences while maintaining consistency throughout your school.

    track attendance and assignments with a student information system
    Educate integrates with TADS, Ravenna and Google Classroom

    Smart Integrations for a Complete School Management Solution

    We’re committed to providing schools with choices. That’s why Educate, a versatile student information system software, integrates with many of the best-in-class solutions you are already using, such as TADS Admission and Enrollment. Ensure data quality and save valuable staff time through additional integrations with Ravenna, Google Classroom, Timetables, and USA Scheduler, creating a seamless and efficient student management system for your school.

    Transparent Grading Management and Seamless Electronic Report Cards

    Whether you need scores, standards, or skills-based grading scales, have lower and upper schools with different requirements—or all of the above—Educate, a comprehensive student information system, has you covered. With in-line editing, custom notes and comments, assignment management, and final grade calculations, Educate offers easy-to-learn tools to streamline electronic report cards and save you time in your student management system.

    electronic report cards
    reporting tools in a student information system

    Robust Reporting Tools

    See the data you need, how and when you want it. A robust and flexible report writer allows you to schedule, filter, generate, and send reports. Plus, it’s easy to share them with colleagues who need the data for effective student management system analysis. 

    5 star rating for SIS

    “Educate has been a huge leap over our previous SIS. The ease of use is probably the most notable feature. Our teachers appreciate Educate as it is cloud-based so that they can do tasks such as grading and posting assignments from locations other than school.”

    -Cyril P. 

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