Tuition & Billing Management

Integrated solutions automate your processes, enabling simplicity and greater control.

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Your Business Office wears multiple financial hats– managing invoices for tuition and incidentals, processing multiple forms of payment and reconciling against your general ledger. TADS Tuition & Billing Management will automate your workflow, improve accuracy and handle follow up with families on your behalf. That amounts to more time back in your day!

Tuition Management

Flexible tuition agreements.

Provide options to families that meet your needs and theirs. Offering multiple tuition payment options helps with private school affordability and a diverse student body. TADS Tuition Management gives you the control to customize terms in tuition agreements based on your school’s requirements and individual family needs. Each family agreement can be tailored by child for maximum flexibility.

Billing Management

Comprehensive billing services.

Improve accuracy and efficiency within your billing system. Your administrative staff thrives on working with families, even when it comes to billing and accounts. TADS Billing Management let’s you bill at any time whether for tuition deposits, admission application fees or incidentals– while accommodating all types of payment plans. Back-end reporting and general ledger support accelerate account reconciliation and provide added assurances of accuracy.

Full Service Solution

Communications with families on your behalf

Your families have questions and concerns about invoices, payment plans and more. TADS provides knowledgeable, compassionate support that embodies your school’s values. Whether answering a simple question or delicately working to manage delinquent payments, each family is treated with the utmost kindness and respect

Benefits of a full service Tuition Management solution

Agreement Tracking

Real time access to signed contracts and those requiring follow-up.

Comprehensive Billing Services

Bill and manage any fee, any time whether tuition or non-tuition related.

Fee Management

Oversee an unlimited number and type of fees and credits in one place.

Payment Services

Families can choose how to receive statements and how to pay.

Delinquent Accounts

Our team calls and emails your families with friendly payment reminders.

Detailed Reporting

Graphical reporting makes it easier to understand and interpret data.

“Because it is simple to personalize tuition payment contracts, we realized that parents come more easily into our offices to discuss a payment plan […]”

— International School of Boston

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