TADS Admission & Enrollment Solution for K-12 and Private Schools

Simplify with an Automated,
Customizable Solution

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TADS K-12 Admission and Enrollment

Simplify with an Automated,
Customizable Solution

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TADS K-12 Admission and Enrollment

Simplify with an Automated,
Customizable Solution

Managing Private School Admissions and Enrollment has Never Been Easier.

From inquiry through enrollment, TADS provides an exceptional admissions and school enrollment system that adapts to your institution’s unique needs and provides a hassle-free process for your staff and families. No matter the size of your school or the number of seats you need to fill, TADS Admissions and Enrollment software streamlines workflows, allowing you to focus on meaningful engagement with your students and families. With TADS’ user-friendly software, you can free up valuable time and resources to nurture the relationships that make your school truly exceptional.

TADS K-12 Admissions Software

Automated Solution,
Real-time Tracking

The user-friendly TADS Admissions software, a powerful enrollment system, allows families to complete school-branded applications and upload documentation online. Serving as an extension of your admissions team, TADS works with families on incomplete applications and accepts payments seamlessly.

Admissions leaders can effortlessly read essays, view submitted documentation, accept or decline applicants, and much more using this advanced admissions software. Real-time reporting keeps the data you need at your fingertips, ensuring your enrollment management system is on track to support your admission strategy effectively.

TADS K-12 Enrollment Software

Accurate and Efficient Data Flow

The TADS online enrollment management system easily moves student information from admissions to enrollment, allowing families to efficiently complete the process. Student enrollment contracts, a feature of our advanced student enrollment software, are pre-populated and shared electronically with families for easier completion. Plus, you can collect fees at the time of signature—your business office will thank you! Each step of the process, supported by our enrollment management software, provides a positive experience for staff and families alike.

Online Document Management

Collecting required documents can be an arduous part of the admission process—for your school as well as for the families applying. TADS, with its advanced document management system and enrollment system, eases this task, making it much simpler for everyone.

Customized Application Setup

Online applications, an integral part of our admissions software, reflect the identity and branding of your school.

Convenient Online System

Families access a modern system to download and submit applications and documents at their convenience.

Required Document Setup

TADS pre-populates fields in your required documents (where the data exists), improving the experience for families.

Application Tracking

Schools can track application progress by student and receive a notification with each submission.

Document Viewing

Schools can conveniently access submitted documents and review them online. TADS works with families to collect missing items.

Online Reporting 24/7

Extensive reporting, provided by our enrollment management software, gives schools insight into demographics, application status, and more.

Fee Management and Collection

Convenience for Families, Consistency for the Business Office

Schools can collect application and enrollment fees online within the parent portal, providing added convenience for families and ensuring accurate payment documentation for your business office.

Fee Collection: Allow parents to make electronic payments at the time of application submission.

Managed Fees, Credits, and Discounts: Collect and track application and enrollment fees in one location. Applicable discounts auto-calculate based on school-defined criteria.

TADS K-12 Admission and Enrollment Features

School-Branded Application

Automated Supporting Documentation Management

Integration into Financial Aid and Tuition and Billing Management

Fee Collection

Premier School and Family Experience

Professional, Experienced Support Team

“Waldorf schools are unique entities with site-based management. TADS allows us the most freedom to customize our services to meet the needs of our individual school.”

— Emerson Waldorf School, Chapel Hill, NC

Why Use TADS Admissions and Enrollment?

The convenient features offered as a part of the TADS Admissions and Enrollment system will improve your school's operations and help you provide better services. When your staff spends less time collecting and reporting information, they'll have more time to handle other responsibilities.

If your families have questions regarding their appliciations or enrollment contracts, TADS will communicate on your behalf. We'll provide comprehensive, timely support for any concern. Our agents are also here to help your staff understand the management system.

Get Started With TADS for Your K-12 Private School

Admissions and enrollment software can make a significant difference for your K-12 private school. To learn more about how your school can benefit from the TADS Admissions and Enrollment system, request a product demo or contact our staff today!