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Embracing Innovation: Chatting About Trends for Dioceses and Catholic Schools

Step into the evolving landscape of diocesan schools with our exclusive video on the latest trends! Discover insights about using innovative technology to overcome common challenges within your diocese.


Unlocking Success: Maximizing Net Tuition Revenue Strategies

Discover the secrets of maximizing net tuition revenue! Join TADS Talks LIVE to explore expert insights into boosting net tuition revenue for private schools and learn strategic approaches that enhance financial well-being.


The Perfect Package: The TADS Private School Suite

Are you looking for a new private school management software, or perhaps you’re curious about what a software suite can help you accomplish? Join TADS experts Katie and Callie as they answer frequently asked questions about TADS capabilities, pricing, and more. 

Spell It Out: 5 Financial Aid Policies to Have in Writing

Establishing and articulating policies and guiding principles are essential components of a highly effective and efficient financial aid program. In this guide we highlight five common policies for financial aid programs for K-12 private and independent schools that will help you develop the set of policies and processes you need to support a successful financial aid program.

Leveraging Data for School Leaders

There are many drivers in what makes a family choose your school, but the best schools, both in terms of what they deliver for their families and in terms of financial stability, are those that are well run from a business perspective. The ability to leverage data from your school’s administrative software can provide the insights needed to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Is it time to modernize your school administrative software?

Money. Time. Accuracy. The hidden costs of poorly connected and disparate school administration software are tremendous. In this guide, you’ll learn just how much the disconnect is costing you and discover ways to streamline your school administrative software, so you’re working smarter, not harder.

Maximizing Net Tuition Revenue In 2021 And Beyond

Especially in the uncertain economic climate we now face, private K-12 schools need effective ways to get the most out of student tuition. One critical point to address involves maximizing net tuition revenues.

4 Reasons School Offices Are Going Paperless in 2021

Schools are starting to look for solutions to help them take their business office operations online – are you digitally prepared? Check out our short video and info page now to get started on taking your processes paperless!

Navigating Forward: The Top Challenges Private Schools Face

Download our guide now to learn how to secure the correct technology without breaking the bank while creating additional manageability for administrators and parents.