Financial Aid Assessment

Data-driven methodology. Superior support.

Ensure your financial aid program benefits the families who need it most.

Every school is unique with a mission and vision that are all your own. Your financial aid program helps you attract and retain students from diverse backgrounds, ensuring your student body reflects your values. TADS Financial Aid Assessment will consider the financial needs of each family so your schools can provide aid to as many students as possible.

Auditing Services

Comprehensive review of family financials

The experienced TADS auditors and staff give you complete confidence in understanding each family’s financial situation. With over 140 comparison points in our system, we address any inconsistencies with family-reported finances. Every application receives a full audit, checking against business schedules, 1040s, W2s, debt documentation and letters of special circumstance. TADS follows up directly with families, making sure you have all necessary information to direct awards to those who truly need aid.

Benefits of third-party assessment

Trust TADS as your financial aid partner to give your program greater objectivity, experienced support and an outstanding family experience.


Give your financial aid program greater objectivity, experienced support and an outstanding family experience.


TADS objectively evaluates all family financials, including ownership of significant assets, corporations and partnerships.


Free your financial aid administrator to spend more time with families while TADS manages the clerical tasks involved in processing financial aid requests.

Dual Expertise

The experienced, compassionate support team at TADS is trained to help both your financial aid team and families as they complete the required documents.

A complete financial aid solution for your school.

Data Sync

Admission data automatically syncs to Enrollment, Tuition & Billing and Student Information System.


Methodology can be customized to suit the needs of your school.

Comprehensive audits

Thorough document review by experienced auditors.

Skilled support

Knowledgeable staff assist families with document completion and support.

Personalized follow up

Direct follow-up with families regarding missing documents and questions.

Detailed Reporting

Extensive reporting provides a comprehensive view of who is applying for aid.

Simplify school management with TADS —
the single trusted partner for over 3,000 schools.

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