Financial Aid Assessment

Data-driven methodology. A smooth family experience.

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Make smart, well-informed award decisions 

Simplify the financial aid application process for families and improve the experience for everyone. Plus, with automated document verification and powerful self-serve functionality, schools can manage their data and applications without picking up the phone. 

A comprehensive financial aid solution

Financial Aid Assessment

Formula customization

Lightning-fast document verification

Means-based waiver program

Easy-to-use tools

Unmatched reporting

Financial aid expertise

Awards integrated with tuition management

Modern experience built on a Salesforce platform

Ensure your financial aid program benefits the families who need it most

At Community Brands, we’re happy to join our schools in their mission to make private education accessible to all families. With a single aid application for TADS and SSS, the two leading financial aid providers for K-12, families no longer have to navigate separate applications and pay duplicate application fees when applying to multiple schools. 

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