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What can be billed through your system?

It’s not just for tuition! TADS Tuition & Billng Management system is a whole-school billing system. You can apply charges for any item or service and distribute those charges to individual invoices or across any or all remaining invoices. Some of our schools are using the billing system for lunch programs, late library fees, summer school, sports, field trips, development and just about anything else they can think of. Many schools have dropped their old way of billing and moved everything onto the TADS system.

How are collected funds reported to the school?

The TADS Tuition & Billing Management system reports full line-item detail and can be used as a full-fledged subsidiary ledger system. We have two Certified Professional Accountants on staff that can’t stop raving about the reporting system. Unlike other tuition management programs, line-item detail is carried throughout, never lumped for payment.

Is TADS truly paperless for the schools?

The TADS system is 100% paperless for your school! We have paper applications, invoices and correspondence available for your families, but you may instruct us to administer the system paper-free.

How are tuition management contracts created and processed?

If you are using TADS Admissions and Enrollment or Financial Aid services, all student information is automatically available in the Tuition Management interface. If you use another system to manage these processes, then a simple import of your enrollment and financial aid data can be used to simplify household creation. The TADS online contract builder then allows you to apply aid, grants and charges to individual students or across grades, completing the contract. Contracts, award notices and acceptance letters are then built on demand by TADS, queued for print and sent via postal mail or email to families.

Can we trust TADS with information and funds?

TADS takes security and privacy very seriously. We are PCI compliant, SSAE-16 Audited and Red-Flags Ready. School funds are never commingled with operational funds and TADS remits 6x/month to the school.

What is your late fee policy?

The goal of the late fee is to encourage on-time payments, and the best way for this to happen is to consistently enforce the policy. We want to get your funds to you on time.

How quickly can the system be ready for the school and families?

TADS team is able to set-up your school within our system in approximately three weeks. If you are in a serious pinch, we may be able to have your tuition agreements ready within three business days.

How much does it cost?

Our cost structure is based on a mix of family fees and a nominal annual school fee. Contact us for a proposal based on your service needs. 

Do you call on delinquent payers?

Yes, TADS keeps all communication readily available in a frequently updated activity log ticket system. The communications are always available to view online.

What payment methods are accepted?

All major credit cards, automatic withdrawal, e-check, personal checks and money orders via postal mail are all welcome. If families pay at the school, entering payment into TADS is simple.

When are ACH payments initiated by TADS?

ACH payments are initiated by TADS the business day before the draw date. Families may see this as a pending payment at their bank, depending on a particular bank’s policies. In TADS, the payment date will show as the date we initiated the file. Fear not! The draw will happen on the due date and not before.

When does TADS transfer receipts to the schools?

We are the quickest in the industry with six ACH transfers of collected funds each month. All transfers are detailed in easy to read reports made available online.

Where do you keep funds awaiting remittance to the school?

TADS uses top-rated, FBO bank accounts to safeguard your funds for the very short time we hold them. We take absolutely no chances with your funds.

Do you allow adjustments to the tuition management contract throughout the entire year?

Yes, you can adjust contracts using our online contract builder at any point during the year. TADS mails or emails families, informing them of any change. The TADS system automatically updates payment schedules based on the revised contract. Families can access all information using their online access.

How do parents and administrators contact TADS for support?

Our friendly and knowledgeable in-house staff is available via telephone, online chat or email Monday-Friday, 7:00am to 8:00pm Central Time and seasonally (Jan-April), Saturday from 9:00am to 4:00pm and Sunday 10:00am to 4:00pm.

We currently use a different system, how does TADS TM compare?

You’ll be very impressed. Schedule a webinar with us and we’ll answer any questions you may have and go over specific program features.

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The TADS School Support team is here to help!