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TADS helps your school modernize and deliver a better family experience through the perfect blend of automation and customer support. Our integrated solution manages your needs across admission, enrollment, financial aid, tuition management and student information systems. We take care of the time-consuming support processes of collecting information, documents and funds, freeing you to focus on what matters most – meeting the needs of your students and families.

Each module within the TADS solution is available as an individual service or can be bundled into a custom solution for your school. There are no restrictive contracts, just high-quality products and services tailored to bring the most benefit to your school. The choice is yours.

Admission & Enrollment

No matter how many students you have, TADS Admission & Enrollment easily adapts to the needs of your school, allowing families to fulfill your requirements quickly and efficiently. From inquiry through acceptance, your environment is fully customized to your needs. TADS handles all family follow up for document and fee collection.

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Financial Aid Assessment

Tuition aid evaluation is a complex and time-consuming process. TADS Financial Aid Assessment is tailored to meet the needs of your school with a full service, cost effective solution. We help you every step of the way with full auditing, document management, contact history, comprehensive award management and superior support.

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Tuition Management

Take control of the tuition collection process and let us take care of the service and family follow up. TADS Tuition Management enables you to build billing and tuition agreements automatically from student data collected in admission, enrollment, financial aid and more. Plus, view credits, debits, school-wide billing and amendable contracts with precise line-item detail.

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Student Information System

Manage your school information and fundraising operations in one online system with TADS Educate. This comprehensive SIS makes your everyday tasks — tracking attendance, regular communications to families, alumni management, fundraising — simple to manage through one system, so your staff can easily find the information they need.

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To prepare the leaders of tomorrow, you need leading technology today.

Community Brands can free you to focus on fulfilling the promise of your students. The K-12 Select Suite offers you the most powerful and flexible software solutions uniquely designed to help you find the right students, ease families through the admission and enrollment process, coordinate financial aid, manage tuition and process payments.