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TADS Financial Aid

TADS Financial Aid Assessment is tailored to meet the needs of your school or organization. We support you every step of the way with full auditing, contact history, document management and superior support.

  • Custom Aid Formulas
  • Guidance for YOUR Organization
  • Personalized Family Follow-up
  • Powerful Document Collection
  • Scholarship & Fund Support
  • Comprehensive Awards Management
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TADS Admission and Enrollment

Easily track applicants throughout the entire Admissions & Enrollment process. From inquiry through acceptance, your environment is fully customized to your needs. Information submission is a snap; TADS handles all family follow up for document and fee collection.

  • Extensive Reporting
  • Track Class Vacancies
  • Powerful, Proactive Form Collection
  • Collection of All Fees
  • Personalized Customer Service
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Tuition and Billing Management

Build Billing & Tuition Management agreements automatically from student data collected in admissions, enrollment, financial aid and more. View credits, debits, school-wide billing and amendable contract with precise line-item detail.

  • Automatic Agreement Creation
  • Line-item Billing & Reporting
  • School-wide Billing
  • Built-in TILA Compliance
  • Flexible Billing & Payment
  • Friendly Support Service
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TADS Educate is the most comprehensive enterprise solution on the market, allowing information management for your schools, parish and fundraising operations all in one system, all online.

  • School Schedule Builder
  • Complete Classroom Module
  • School Record Management
  • Fundraising & Donor Management
  • School Census Data Reporting
  • Organizational Alerts & Notifications
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Shared Data across Admissions, Enrollment, Financial Aid, Billing and SIS

Integrated & Standalone Services

TADS products are all available individually or in any combination of services. Have an existing admissions module that you love? We'll integrate! Have an SIS that you work with already? Let us know and we'll set up data sharing.

Admissions → Enrollment → Financial Aid → Tuition Management → Educate SIS/SMS