There’s a simpler way to manage your school.

Admission & Enrollment, Financial Aid, Tuition Management and Student Information — Automate critical functions with TADS and deliver a better experience to students and families.

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Powerful on their own.
Designed to work together.

For more than 50 years, TADS has been helping schools deliver a better experience for administrators and families by automating the most critical school management functions. Whether you need a standalone Tuition Management solution or the Complete Suite, each module within TADS is available as an individual service or can be bundled into a custom solution. No restrictive contracts, just high-quality products and services tailored to your school.

The choice is yours.

Admission Enrollment


Customizable application


Powerful document management


Streamlined fee collection

Tuition & Billing Management


Full-service billing and agreement building


Fee collection


Reporting and management

Financial Aid Assessment


Flexible aid formulas


Comprehensive, high-touch auditing


Online document collection

Student Information System


Multiple communication options


Powerful data collection


Flexible reporting

Our Experts Assist Your Family

Let our experts assist your families.

Do you ever find yourself mired in administrative conversations with families at the expense of more meaningful dialogue? Let us help! TADS reaches out to families directly on your behalf regarding missing admission or financial aid documents, late tuition payments, fee collection and more. Our team of professionals not only meets the needs of your families, but also ensures you have the information you need to operate efficiently.

"TADS really is an extension of our team. The flexibility in the system is just unparalleled. It’s made things smoother, easier, more practical. It’s better for the parents. It has really changed the way we work."

— Shoshi Ryp, Director of Finance, Ben Porat Yosef

TADS by Numbers

With 50 years of blending automation and support, TADS provides solutions for the unique needs of private and independent schools while supporting school staff and families along the way.


Customer Retention


Happy Schools


Students Serviced

K-12 Select Software Suite – Designed to work together.

The K-12 Select Suite offers you the most powerful and flexible software solutions uniquely designed to free you to focus on fulfilling the promise of your students.

Admission & Enrollment

Financial Aid & Award Management


Student Information Systems


Fundraising & Advancement

Simplify school management with TADS —
the single trusted partner for over 3,000 schools.

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