Fundraising events are the ideal opportunity to gather support from your community. Finding unique ways to engage students, their families and community members can help draw even more attention to your school. Here are some of the best school fundraising ideas to try:

1. Silent Auction

Combine the benefits of going to a silent auction with using the profits for something valuable — your school. Local businesses and other individuals willing to auction off goods or services can draw attention to your event. Fundraise money to help your school grow while giving attendees a chance to win an exceptional prize.

2. Haunted House

Give families something fun to do on Halloween by setting up a haunted house with a small entry fee. Faculty, family members and other volunteers can come together to create and operate a haunted house. Then, students and their families can come in the evening or on a weekend for a nice activity that supports their school.

3. School Dance Drive

For high school students thinking about upcoming dances, hosting a clothing drive can be beneficial. Many students and families are wary about spending a significant amount on a dress, suit or other outfits for only one use. Have students donate their old dresses, suit jackets, skirts and other appropriate clothing items. Then, set up a day where students can come in and shop for these clothes at a discounted price.

4. Picnic Basket Auctions

Students of any age can participate in building picnic baskets. Ask families to donate snacks, drinks or other items, and have the students assemble a picnic basket filled with all their favorite goodies. Family members can purchase them for a fun day together while supporting your school.

5. Restaurant Nights

Contact a local business and ask about setting up a particular night where a portion of sales goes to your school. Many restaurants are willing to share a night of profits with you. You can advertise this event to your students and their families or the entire community.

6. Themed Sporting Events

Since many people enjoy sporting events, host a special “themed” night where admission is slightly higher than usual. You could choose a theme from popular movie franchises or ask visitors to dress in a particular color from head to toe.

7. Gift-Wrapping Night

With several major holidays occurring during the winter months, you could host a gift-wrapping event. Since wrapping presents can be time-consuming or difficult for some, host a night where people can have their gifts wrapped for a small fee.

8. Shoe Drive

For younger children especially, many go through pair after pair of shoes. With so many families having pairs of shoes sitting in their homes unused, you can ask them to donate these to your school. Donating shoes enables someone else to get a decent pair at a lower cost, helping their families and your school.

Invigorate Your Community With Intriguing Fundraisers

With these unique school fundraising solutions, you can easily drum up fundraising profits to help better your school. Make fundraising an exciting adventure for your students, families and faculty. If you’d like more information about TADS, please contact us today.

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