Our commitment to our customers continues with our new TADS user experience and dashboard updates and we’re rolling out the news here to let you know the latest features! 

Our focus is on saving your staff time and providing user-intuitive real-time dashboard reporting for data insights. Our dashboard gives users powerful ways to track metrics and data that help drive enrollment and complete billings. But we didn’t stop there! With our latest features you’ll be able to do more with your data, your reporting and measure your key performance indicators with ease! 

New features for our TADS dashboards include:   

  • Customizable dashboard with more than 20 separate widgets across admissions, enrollment, tuition management, and billing. 
  • Centralize reporting in a single location with data visualized from across product sets.  
  • Export key metrics in easy-to-understand charts for inclusion in presentations or reports.  

TADS dashboards offer the perfect balance of powerful data and ease of use.  

Our dashboards include pre-packaged visualizations that help you track KPIs without requiring you to build or design data insights. Users can quickly pull in data points relevant to their role, track progress visually, and export snapshots to share with the team.     

Our dashboards are user-intuitive and driven by direct customer feedback.  

TADS new user experience expedites navigation, enables users to quickly find the key functionality critical to their work, and provides real-time data visibility into the product’s most important toolsets.