The same questions keep parents and principals up at night. How do you capture a teenager’s attention? If you’re navigating how to attract students to your school, TADS has the advice to help.

3 Ways to Increase Enrollment at a School

Your focus should be on student fit, so tailor content to them in three ways:

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1. Use Visuals and Videos

Students learn best when they take in information in multiple forms. Present engaging details by:

  • Sharing videos of students learning: Students develop trust when your educators show a typical day in the classroom.
  • Creating alumni outcome interviews: Students need to see real stories from people they relate to — like alumni — to envision their path to success.
  • Designing graphics to celebrate success: Students and teachers deserve praise for a job well done, so this step is a win-win option.

Increase enrollment at a school through what you offer already.

2. Write Mobile-Friendly Emails

Most students and parents access their emails from their phones, tablets or laptops. Since information looks different based on screen size, we recommend that you:

  • Write short, scannable chunks of content: Less is more when creating content that your readers can digest.
  • Create a strong call to action: If you get to the point quickly, recipients will know what to click on right away to sign up for an open house or request information.
  • Test emails across multiple devices: You should know how your email looks before you send it out to hundreds of people.

Mobile-friendly emails allow for convenient access to easy-to-read content about events and deadlines.

3. Develop Social Media Strategies

Create one page for each platform. This streamlined approach prevents prospective students and families from finding out-of-date content or inconsistent updates. Then, use each platform to reach students differently. You should:

  • Share photos on Instagram: Student-centered content results in more engagement from your followers.
  • Post virtual tours on Facebook: This content creates a real-time opportunity for students to explore the campus from home.
  • Highlight activity updates on Twitter: Quick and constant posts allow you to keep students engaged in a game, play or any event, regardless of their location.

Social media is one way to engage students and show parents your investment in a fun learning environment.

Attract Students to Your Private School With TADS

It is easier than expected to increase enrollment at a school. Request a demo from our team, or watch a webinar for more information.

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