Private school enrollment faced challenges during remote and hybrid learning, creating added responsibilities and continued stress for everyone. Despite these obstacles, students fostered academic excellence, reached high standards and achieved continued growth at private schools. At TADS, we believe a sound foundation prepares students to persevere in an ever-changing world, even during difficult times.

How Can I Increase Private School Enrollment?

Try these three strategies to improve school enrollment.

1. Implement SMART Goals

This goal-setting guide helps you streamline your focus by making it easier to see progress. Suppose you want to increase enrollment by 2025. To make this goal more quantifiable, you can say, “I want to increase my private school enrollment by 2025, gaining 25-50 new students each fall using social media marketing.”

2. Follow-Up With Families

Enrollment is not guaranteed, as families can change their minds. Registered and interested families are equally important for expanding private school enrollment. You can develop family profiles and stay in contact with them throughout their children’s schooling.

3. Develop Visionary Leadership

Visionary leaders are enthusiastic, persistent, organized and focused. Your teachers, faculty and staff must feel a sense of commitment to creating an environment that engages and educates students in a natural and fun way.

How Can I Create A Strong School Enrollment Program?

Bolster your private school’s enrollment program with these actions.

1. Share Brand Values

Branding creates a valuable and long-term way to highlight the best features of your school. Marketing and enrollment turnaround are built off of what you want to communicate to others. When you identify brand values, you can share your message at open houses, community events and after-school activities.

2. Launch a Parent Ambassador Program

Parent ambassadors are motivated to see your school grow and improve. They can reach out to open-minded individuals at church, work and neighborhood activities. Word of mouth marketing is an easy way to spread the word.

3. Build an Active Online Presence

Tell your story. Encourage your principal to start a blog, parents to submit reviews, and students to post on social media. In addition, an easy-to-navigate website with a simplistic design helps families find what they’re looking for. Once you’ve established your school’s online presence, you can take advantage of important marketing strategies.

Work With TADS to Improve School Enrollment

At TADS, we offer a full enrollment suite that includes an Admission Enrollment option for applications, fee collection and more. You can choose the solutions that work best for your school.

If you’re considering integrated and valuable ways to improve your school enrollment, request a demo from us today. Are you still searching for where to start? We provide access to a free webinar series to share additional information.

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