Did you know that nearly 50% of independent schools are currently using five or more online solutions to meet their needs causing extra expense, wasted time, and creating data security issues?  

As technology evolves, it’s advantageous for your school to consider keeping a technology checklist to ensure you’re maximizing your school’s technology efficiency. Creating and reviewing a technology checklist each year will ensure that your administration, tech team, and teachers maintain a highly engaging, technology-centric school year over year.   

Whether it involves being able to set a technology training schedule for new hires and staff, or ensuring your technology has appropriate user rights to preserve privacy, it’s important to have access to an easy list of technology must-do’s and must haves. Your checklist can also help your team plan for technology growth goals in the short- and long-term, like implementing a new student information system that can automate your enrollment process.  

Download our Back to School Technology checklist, and ensure your school is positioned to have the best start of its school year possible.   

In addition to school-wide and student-facing technology initiatives, be sure to include administrative systems on your technology checklist too. When was the last time your business office updated its accounting system? Does your school have an accounting solution that contributes to its mission and makes elements like budgeting and reporting simpler?  

Your school’s accounting system should easily create an unlimited number of customized budgets and reports for any timeframe, including cross-year or outside of fiscal years, and reporting on multiple account codes. Forecast and create “what-if” scenarios to ensure a strong, sustainable financial position for your school.  

If your school is relying on dated or underequipped accounting systems or Excel spreadsheets to handle its finances, you’re costing efficiency.  

Just as you have equipment lists for your classrooms, you’ll benefit from having a one-stop technology checklist to refer to during the year and track all your current technology as well as incorporating a wish list for growth.   

With an accurate back-to-school technology checklist, you can have the needed insight into what expenditures and pieces of your budget can be reduced or increased to ensure technologies are up to date.  

Our mission is to make sure you and your staff will be able to use your technology effectively as well as securely for the coming year. We’re excited for your school year and how we can support you!   

To get you started with this year’s list, download your Back to School Technology checklist.  We want to ensure you have the best start of your school year possible. Adjust and consult this checklist and expand it for items that are unique to your situation. You can also reuse this list as you prepare for each new school year and use it as a training tool for new Technology Department staff.  

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