What to Expect: Getting Started with a New Financial Aid Tool

On-Demand Webinar

Change can be daunting in any organization, especially when it comes to introducing new technology. Many schools want to update their financial aid system but are concerned about the implementation—from onboarding to support for families and new processes, there’s a lot to consider.  

The financial aid teams here at Community Brands are excited to host a live webinar to put your mind at ease about bringing financial aid software on board. During this 20-minute webinar, we’ll show you the following:  

  • What to expect when adding financial aid software to your tech stack. 
  • Questions to consider when searching for a new financial aid solution. 
  • How to prepare staff and families for the new financial aid system.  
  • What integration looks like and how easy it is.  
  • How the financial aid teams for SSS and TADS here at Community Brands are here to support you the entire way.  
  • A live Q&A session at the end.