On-demand Webinar:

Automate and Manage Your Financial Aid and Tuition Processes in One Place

Administrators have always had a long list of responsibilities. That list is growing as schools learn how to best manage new day-to-day activities and heightened demands that emerged during the pandemic.

From managing enrollment to assessing financial aid and tracking payments, the tasks can be daunting. Automating these processes is a great way to save time and improve accuracy so your staff can focus on the new and often crucial matters that pop up daily.

Join TADS product experts, Ashley Jemes and Ian Scharer, as they demonstrate how an integrated TADS solution can help you:

  • Save time: In one click, schools can provide families with the info they need to pay their tuition with the award seamlessly applied.
  • Avoid errors: Review awards, bill tuition and track payments all on the same platform. No more manual data entries!
  • Provide a friendly experience: Let our best-in-class support team assist your families when applying for aid and making tuition payments.
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