Digital Readiness

Recent trends have increased reliance on digital technology as a part of school infrastructures. Now, schools need to include a digital readiness assessment in their future plans. TADS is here to help private K-12 schools transition into a paperless world by providing user-friendly technology for school faculty and families.

Why Go Paperless?

There are many reasons why more and more schools are transitioning away from traditional, physical bookkeeping in favor of digital, or paperless, solutions. There are four essential factors that drive the paperless switch — educational institutions are looking for new ways to:

  • Reduce costs: Today, schools want to focus their finances on a few key areas. These include personal protective equipment for faculty and students, technological assistance to accommodate the rising demand for digital services and fundraising campaigns that bring even more revenue to the school. With a digital database, schools can reduce spending on paper and allocate funds toward other needs.
  • Save time: Going paperless saves schools time in a few ways. To start, computers are less prone to human errors, meaning school staff will spend less time fixing avoidable mistakes. Going paperless also expedites interdepartmental operations by saving useful information and rolling it over across documents. Finally, digital programs make difficult tasks like financial aid calculation easier by plugging information into the relevant formulas automatically.
  • Add convenience: Cloud-based technology allows school staff members to work at their own pace with the technology they feel most comfortable using. TADS software makes it easy to access data remotely, share across departments and report grades. Families can benefit from convenient data access, too.
  • Strengthen security: When schools go paperless, they protect themselves and their students from theft by eliminating paper checks, physical copies of card information and unauthorized access to student and staff data. In a digital infrastructure, password protection and data encryption protect all sensitive data.

Ways to Go Paperless

From paperless tuition management to admissions reviews, TADS has plenty of ways for private schools to transition to a digital infrastructure. Going paperless requires schools to rethink some of their general processes, including enrollment, admissions, financial aid assessment, billing and payments and student information management.

TADS offers a full suite of PCI-compliant software that helps schools make a safe, seamless digital transition. Make TADS your single provider to access our industry-leading programs:

  • Admissions and enrollment: Benefit from custom application setup, fee collection and management, document management and more.
  • Financial aid assessment: Our financial aid assessment program integrates with award management, enables flexible aid formulas and provides fast, secure access to all relevant documents and data 24/7.
  • Student information management: Educate student information system (SIS) contains dynamic communication tools, transparent grade keeping and robust reporting so parents and teachers can stay on the same page.
  • Tuition and billing management: Automate processes like contract revision, payment requests and delinquent payment follow-up for the most comprehensive billing services.

Learn More With TADS

Software solutions from TADS can help any private institution go paperless with convenient tools. We’ll even provide an extra hand in supporting the families and staff using our software. For an in-depth look at the ways your institution can go paperless, download the full digital readiness webinar online today.

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