We know that at any school one of the key things to save is time. We also know that staff changes and new hires need training as they come on board and it’s challenging to fit that training in among all the new tasks they’re learning for the job. Technology overload is a real piece of adapting to new software and our goal is to ensure your team is supported every step of the way in learning our software.  

Sometimes, existing school management software can be hard to implement, and even harder to train staff on. At TADS, we know the busy schedule your school and administration have, and we work to ensure training for our programs is simple, clear, and consistent.  

We are focused on you spending more time on your mission and less time on learning new technology. Our goal is to ensure your school’s staff has the training and support when you need it. Learning new technology doesn’t have to be daunting or time-consuming. Providing actionable tips and strategies that work best when using our software is part of our commitment of excellence to your school.  

Our training staff are experts with all our software programs and design training that is focused on helping your staff get up to speed as quickly as possible.  We know that your employees are already on overload in juggling all the day to day tasks of working in a school. Our focus is on enabling you to ensure that training is a priority whether it be for tuition management software, student information management program or any other software we offer.  

We allocate the time and resources you need to make sure the training is valuable, concise, and easy to understand.  

Employees feel better about training requirements when they know what to expect and we employ the latest tools in training so that your employees are not staring at a whiteboard for 8 hours in a meeting room. We support and meet your employees where they are in their level of need and deliver training online. 

Not only do we offer a personalize training option for new hires, we also have a robust-in-application knowledge center accessible by your staff at any time within our software programs.  

This in-application knowledge center is user-intuitive and gives you answers when you need them for every part of the software process. This in-house knowledge bank was built for users like you with questions and answers informed by our school information system users. We consistently update our knowledge base so you can count in getting the right answers when you most need them.  

Our personalized training will get everyone up to speed and ensure your business office continues to operate efficiently! If you’re interested in more information about our personalized training, please reach out to us here.