Tuition management is a foundational piece of your school technology puzzle. With the right solution, you can eliminate paperwork, streamline processes, and reduce staff workload—all while elevating the family experience! 

As you begin searching for your next tuition management solution, look for these four essential features to ensure the best possible experience for families and staff.  

Digital Payments 

Digital payments are here to stay and for good reason! Parents no longer need to worry about stopping in to make a payment—they can simply do so from their smartphone or computer, saving time in their already-busy schedules.  

For staff, it eliminates tedious manual tracking and numerous follow-ups. Digital payments are entered into the system in real-time, making it easy to catch late or missed payments and conduct payment reconciliation.  

Look for a tuition management solution that accepts major credit cards, debit cards, and direct debit. Additional capabilities to look for are recurring payments and a fully encrypted system that can securely save payment information. 

Financial Flexibility   

Financial flexibility features work hand-in-hand with digital payments.  

Find a tuition management solution that allows your school to offer several tuition payment plan options. Families will appreciate being able to choose a plan that works best for them, especially with rising tuition costs. 

By using an integrated tuition management solution, all your financial data will be in one place. You can pull robust reports to identify where you can provide additional flexibility, such as waiving fees or awarding extra financial aid. 

Multi-Channel Communication 

Families expect regular communication from schools, but managing multiple channels is extremely time-consuming for staff.  

Tuition management solutions that offer multi-channel communication allow you to quickly send important reminders across various platforms and engage families using their preferred communication method.  

Ultimately, a central communication system means parents will be aware and informed, while staff gain time to focus on other priorities.   

Technology Integration  

Finally, a fully integrated system keeps everything running smoothly. When every step of the student lifecycle is connected, you can easily grasp the big picture and make decisions accordingly.  

Plus, using modern technology can have a long-lasting positive impact on enrollment and revenue. In fact, 39% of schools which identify as early adopters of technology enrolled 101-500 new students last school year. 

Search for a tuition management solution that syncs everything from admissions and enrollment to financial aid awarding. As a result, you gain a competitive edge that attracts, enrolls, and retains mission-aligned families who want to engage with your school community. 

Find Your Fit 

From tuition management to fundraising, the Community Brands’ suite of solutions helps you find all the right pieces to solve your school technology puzzle. Explore our K-12, fundraising, and accounting resources to get answers to your questions and find the right fit for your school.