With the stresses of daily life, one of the best things a school can do is make being part of your school convenient for parents. After all, the family experience is paramount to school culture and sustainability. 

The topic of tuition can be especially daunting for new and existing families. But rest assured, added flexibility and custom preferences can go a long way in alleviating stress and ensuring on-time payments.  

Read on to learn three ways digital tuition creates an improved experience that keeps families connected and engaged with your school. 

1. Meet Financial Needs with Flexible Options 

Financial fluctuations are often unexpected and hard to navigate. By offering flexible payment agreements, you can give your families long-term peace of mind as their family grows or economic circumstances change.  

With digital tuition management, you can customize tuition payment agreements to fit individual family needs. Choose from annual, semester, monthly, or quarterly payments. You can even tailor each agreement by student for maximum flexibility. 

Digital systems also provide more online payment options—families can choose to pay via ACH, electronic check, credit, and debit cards. They can even set up automated payments, so they do not have to re-enter their information every time they pay. 

Tip: Put families at ease with a tuition management solution that meets safety standards. Look for a solution that is PCI DSS compliant. 


2. Enable On-Time Payments

In a perfect world, we would never miss a deadline—but as we all know, life is busy, and it can be hard to keep track of all the dates on our to-do list. Luckily, automation can help.  

Digital tuition management can contact families on your school’s behalf to remind them of upcoming due dates. This will help your school avoid late payments and allow parents to make informed decisions to meet tuition deadlines. 

When automatic reminders are paired with flexible tuition agreements, families are empowered with the right tools to make more on-time payments.  


3. Cater to Preferences 

Technology is booming, and families today are used to—and prefer—digital options. In our K-12 research study, the numbers are clear: only 7% of families are still paying by cash or check when given the option to pay tuition online.  

Having modern technology can make all the difference in building a relationship with your families. They will appreciate the ability to set preferences that work with their busy lifestyles and financial needs.  

Plus, a digital system is built to grow with your school. Meaning that even as you continue to welcome more students, your digital solution can keep up without sacrificing family satisfaction. 


Ready to Take Tuition Digital?

TADS tuition management capabilities make it easy for your school to get up and running with a digital solution. Maintain family relationships, provide flexible payment options, reconcile payments, and more from one central system. Talk with a team member to see if TADS is a good fit for your school’s needs. 

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