The four P’s of marketing — price, product, placement and promotion — are the heart of successful campaigns. For schools, we define these categories as tuition, curriculum, reputation and publicity. TADS has compiled strategies and tips to help you promote your private school.

4 Private School Recruitment Strategies

The best private school recruitment strategies increase school spirit, promote student success and create shareable stories. These four approaches will help you get started:

1. Build a School Website

Parents need to access information on any device. Consider how your website’s design affects mobile and desktop navigation for users. Your website should have a practical layout for parents and students to access the school calendar, contact information, news updates and other important pages.

2. Outline Offerings and Programs

Do you offer individualized attention, create accommodative learning environments and hire highly-qualified staff? Share the best features of your school. Parents and students are future-focused, so promote how your school can make dreams happen.

3. Share Useful and Relevant Content

Utilize what you’re already doing for private school recruitment. Create infographics to present statistics for student success or livestream events and activities to show off how your school makes learning fun. Your priority is to share content that connects.

4. Use Social Media Platforms

In an interconnected world, social media allows you to stay up to date with the latest trends. You can share photos, videos and other content to get likes, shares and reviews.

3 Private School Advertising & Marketing Tips

Your goal is to engage parents, entertain students and energize teachers. Here are three ways you can start reaching out:

1. Create a Blog on WordPress

Blogs are a creative way for students and teachers to express themselves. Also, these platforms let you establish yourself as a thought leader that shares answers to questions and tips for student success.

2. Build a Community on Facebook

If you’re looking for ways to promote your school in the community, you can use Facebook to create posts and polls, ask questions and manage events to connect with parents and students. With Facebook advertising, you can track campaign success and identify similar audiences with re-marketing and custom audiences.

3. Share Highlights on Instagram

Your students focus on more than academics. Pep rallies, sporting events, art shows and other extracurricular activities are attention grabbers for parents and students. An example of promoting your school, you can use Instagram to create a highlight reel of your favorite moments at your school.

Market Your School With TADS

With access to the right tools and technology, you can improve your outreach. TADS offers high-quality products and customizable services for your school. Request a demo to find solutions that complement your new private school recruitment strategies.

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