Fostering enrollment and re-enrollment are top priorities for private and independent K-12 schools. Encouragingly, our research demonstrates a growing interest in private and independent schooling. Learn more about how schools can attract and retain a diverse student body with personalized marketing efforts and technology integration.

Increase School Enrollment With Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a cost-effective outreach solution for private and independent K-12 schools with a strong core mission that may not have the staffing or budget for extensive outbound marketing efforts. Inbound marketing focuses on creating satisfying, tailored experiences for students and their families. Schools must learn to dissect and leverage data to learn about and cater to the needs of potential students and their families. Schools that harnessed current marketing data to drive further marketing decisions were likely to generate 501+ queries!

Having a strong web and social media presence, hosting auxiliary programs and events for families and students, and focusing heavily on their needs, questions, and concerns — including their financial limitations — encompass the moving parts of an effective inbound marketing strategy.

Increasing Re-Enrollment

Part of increasing enrollment must also address the matter of re-enrollment. It’s far easier to retain happy families and students than it is to reach and convince new families and students unfamiliar with your school to enroll. If your school experiences a high level of student turnover, staff must turn to families and students to understand why. Conducting regular surveys and check-in points/meetings with families will help schools identify potential pain points and address them before students and families leave.

Improve School Diversity

Multicultural awareness and inclusion are more important than ever in today’s increasingly diverse world. Research shows that students exposed to those with different cultural backgrounds and experiences benefit cognitively with improved critical thinking and problem-solving skills. But currently, many K-12 schools’ student populations don’t reflect their community’s level of diversity, nor do they conduct equity audits or surveys.

Private and independent schools wishing to improve school diversity must turn to their students, families, and communities to gauge their needs and discern key areas for improvement. Doing so helps schools focus on ways to accommodate the unique challenges and needs of those of varying cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. It can also help schools improve their lesson plans and curriculums, so students and families feel supported, understood, and accommodated.

Improve School Retention by Adopting Technology

A specific pain point for families of students enrolled in private and independent K-12 schools often includes the cost. Adopting affordable, flexible payment solutions is crucial for helping schools accommodate diversity, especially socioeconomic diversity. Schools can also benefit from digital payment technology to make payments easier for families, likely improving school retention because it makes enrollment and payment processes more intuitive.

Reducing as much friction throughout the enrollment process as possible will improve a family’s experience with your school, which is crucial for fostering re-enrollment and student retention. But currently, 38% of schools report they’re not using technology to its full potential. Plus, only one in four schools offers mobile apps for digital, on-the-go payments from smart devices and late payment tracking systems.

Adopting technology to streamline enrollment and payment processes will also directly translate into more time for staff to devote to building long-lasting relationships with students and families, which is vital for improving student retention.

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