If you’re wondering how to increase family involvement in schools, you’ll want to try some unusual methods. Caregivers, parents and other family members are used to the same tactics year after year. Teachers and other faculty members can invite families into the classroom by:

1. Hosting Family Events

You can host several family events in your school or classrooms to bring families in. For example, you can have a “dine with family” day where students can bring in their caregivers for crafts and small snacks. Inviting families into the school allows them to physically see what their child does each day. Teachers and caregivers can converse and start a dialogue about the student’s experience at school.

2. Teaching Reading Methods

As students continue learning how to read, you can use several strategies to increase the effectiveness of the process. While in-school learning is always important, you could host a night where family members can come in to discover new strategies for teaching their children to read and begin assisting them at home.

3. Sending Home STEAM Activities

Science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) allow students to explore their interests. Assign a project that requires assistance from an adult family member to help engage caregivers. They will learn more about what their child does in the classroom and their student’s potential interests.

4. Creating Online Classroom Pages or Blogs

Set up a classroom website page or blog to post updates, newsletters and advice for families. Another great use of a blog or classroom page is calendar events. Remind parents of upcoming projects or test dates, school events like concerts or sports games and more. You could highlight a different student of the week or month and list their positive attributes to showcase your student body.

5. Sending Postcards

Sitting down and writing some words about a student goes a long way. Caregivers will appreciate receiving postcards from teachers with positive remarks about their child. Plus, you can include a rundown of some of the in-class activities that happened and areas for improvement.

6. Using Unique Reminders

Another great way to inform families of upcoming events includes using stickers or bracelets. While an old-fashioned note works well enough, how often do students forget to give it to their caregiver? Or what if a family member forgets about it? Writing important events like school concerts or field trips on a sticker or bracelet a child wears at home is an easy way to start a conversation.

7. Engaging With Short Videos

Some people are less inclined to read a newsletter or other announcements about classroom or school-wide events. With the rise in short videos taking over the Internet, you could hop on the trend in a school-friendly way. Create a YouTube or other video channel and make 30-second to one-minute videos giving families an idea of what’s happening that day, week or month.

Involve Families to Help Students Flourish

Follow any of these creative ways to get families involved in the classroom, or come up with your own. Please contact us today if you’re looking for more information about TADS programs and services.

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