As a part of EdTech companies that serve the K-12 market, we are proud to be signees on the Student Privacy Pledge, joining many other EdTech companies who have done the same. This pledge is far-reaching in what it covers to protect student information.  

In an effort to ensure parents can be confident in how organizations use student data, the Future of Privacy Forum and the Software & Information Industry Association created the Student Privacy Pledge. 

It was encouraging to learn that the Student Privacy Pledge’s standards are aligned with our commitment to privacy and that our current internal privacy standards met the same standards as the pledge, so there were no changes required for us to reach compliance. 

Our student management software is consistently focused on ensuring privacy of data for families, students, and schools. 

We will not ever sell your data. We use crowdsourcing to verify sensitive parent tax forms. We use the best-in-class SF platform so each student and their family and the schools can count on a secure collection of parent information and assessment materials.  We know how important it is to have a secure student management system in place at every school we serve.  

This differentiates us from some other competitors in our K-12 market, who can and do sell family and student data. At Community Brands, we’re focused on keeping data secure not only through signing the Student Privacy Pledge, but also ensuring that our families know their data will never be sold to any third parties. Over 320 companies have signed the Student Privacy Pledge so far.  

To see if the company who currently serves your school enrollment needs has signed this pledge we encourage you to go to this list of signatories. Our commitment to our schools and parents is to ensure privacy and protection of your sensitive financial and student information at every level. 

For more information on how we serve schools, we encourage you to visit our home page – and let us show you a demo of how our technology serves schools.