This is the busy season for private schools who are enrolling new and returning students and planning financial aid awards.  We’re here to support you and help you grow your school’s reach to families and potential students.

We also know that in this enrollment and admission season activity that families want all student and family information kept secure, private and always protected. At TADS we are committed to ensuring privacy and security for all the schools who use our software. We know your families are essential partners in students’ educational journeys, and that includes keeping their personal information safe.

We also know that families need an online system that is easily accessible and lets them submit applications at the most convenient time for them.

Collecting required documents can be an arduous part of the admission process – for your school as well as for the families applying. TADS enables expediency in forms uploading and provides a customized application setup for each school. All online applications match the identity and branding for your school.

Our school admissions and enrollment software lets applicants submit documents securely online, or by postal mail or fax. We digitize any received paper documents and make them available online for administrative viewing. TADS also allows administrators to upload documents on behalf of a family in case documents are dropped off at the school.

When applicants download forms, TADS pre-fills known information for each student and requirement, making filling in remaining information less time-consuming. We also add a unique bar code to each page, so documents are placed in correct requirements. All confidential forms such as paper recommendations that are filled out and uploaded by references, teachers or others, are available only to school administrators for viewing.

This expediency of online application tools improves the experience for families. TADS also enables schools to track all application progress by students and be notified each time an application is submitted. Schools are able to access submitted documents and review them online. Privacy and user rights for data can be set through our flexible dashboard as well as customizable reporting for different stakeholders including grant funders, administrators and board members.

TADS works with families to collect missing items and offers 24/7 online reporting of all applications. TADS also offers extensive internal reporting capabilities so each piece of data can be used for insight into school demographics, application status and more. Consistent communication channels ensure you have tools to provide families a way to engage and support student achievement, and pro-actively access ongoing student information during the school year.

We are happy to show you how TADS can help your school! Please let us know if you want to schedule a demo .


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