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Making Mobile Payments Easier for Parents

Making Mobile Payments Easier for Parents

February 14, 2019

Patricia Surin, GM of Payment Services

Speaking as a parent, I can say life without my smartphone would be nearly impossible. At the touch of a few buttons, I can check the weather, buy groceries, pay my bills, order diapers, and more, anywhere I am. Why do I love this? Because managing my day and my life through my phone allows me to get back to the important things: my family.

There’s only one problem: my daughter’s school doesn’t take online payments, let alone mobile payments.

So what happens? I usually forget to pay her tuition. The ‘mom guilt’ isn’t enough to drive me to find my checkbook in the junk drawer as I forget day after day, racking up fees and causing ill-will with her school’s business office. Even as the Director so patiently reminds me again to bring this month’s tuition check, I often forget by the time I get to the car and begin thinking about the rest of the day. The simple fact is that by the time I finish a full day at work, pick up my daughter, go to soccer practice, feed the dog, cook dinner, etc, there simply isn’t any more time in the day to think about anything other than what must be done in order to start all over tomorrow.

Now, if her school accepted mobile payments I could have paid tuition that very same morning… Before the reminder slips went from white, to yellow, to a threatening shade of red. Even better, if her school was staying on trend with digital payments, I could set up automatic recurring payments. I would never be late with my payments, never need a reminder and never feel compelled to make “I’m sorry I keep forgetting to pay you” cupcakes again.

Here’s what we know; according to a study completed in 2018 by the Pew Research Center, 77% of adults in the US own some kind of smartphone. That number is magnified when you narrow your view to 30-49 year olds—90% own one![1]  While desktop and laptop ownership is decreasing, smartphone ownership is up year-over-year, and so are expectations.

With nearly 252 million people in the US owning a smartphone, schools are seeing more moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles, who are smartphone dependent. With the average age of parents hovering around 31, it’s safe to assume that 90% of parents and adults at your school use, own, and carry a smartphone.

These tech savvy parents expect to be able to accomplish things on the go and with ease, otherwise, we risk losing their business entirely.

Diamond Mind is working hard to make sure you can keep up with these digital demands, helping you avoid the hassle of chasing down parents like me. Through our software and payments platforms, Diamond Mind makes it easy for you to collect payments from your parents with a few simple clicks. Upcoming enhancements to our mobile experience will offer exciting news for our smartphone users—it has never been easier to collect payments online or through mobile devices.

Even better, collecting payments online means that all of your payment data is in one place. No more lost checks, missing deposits, or reconciliation nightmares when, parents like me give up and try sending you this month’s lunch payment via carrier pigeon.

Buying retail goods and services online and through smartphones is getting easier and easier.  Doesn’t it make sense that paying your school should be just as easy?

Contact us today to learn more about how Diamond Mind can help you delight your families with online and mobile payments at 888-566-0945, x444.