You improved your school’s enrollment and promoted your program. Now, how do you increase student retention rates? Focus on re-enrollment to address parent concerns and boost student satisfaction.

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3 Steps to Develop a Student Retention Strategy

The most common reasons that families leave schools include higher costs, safety and unhappiness with curriculum. Develop a strategy to keep families interested in your school:

1. Adopt a Customer Service Mindset

Schools must pay attention to enrolled families’ needs. Make families feel welcomed and appreciated every step of the way by creating a positive culture where they feel respected, listened to and valued.

2. Hire a Retention Coordinator

A retention coordinator can serve as the primary point of contact for families. Their presence lets families ask questions and seek advice from someone trained to address and help resolve their concerns.

3. Design a Marketing Plan

Search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and other promotion efforts spread the word about your school. With more private schooling options available, it is important to ensure parents know why they chose you over the competition.

Discover 5 Ways to Increase Student Retention

Here are five ways you can increase student retention at your private school:

1. Create a Parent Ambassador Program

Parents have the inside perspective about your school from their children. With their help, you can reach a broader network within your community.

2. Form a Retention Committee

With a team of staff and teachers, you set a plan to achieve your goals through task delegation and progress updates. This group helps your school follow a strategic path to increase student body retention and stay accountable for that student retention initiative.

3. Conduct a Satisfaction Survey

Send out an online survey asking parents to answer questions on a scale of one to five. You can gauge their satisfaction levels every year around the same time.

4. Hold a Faculty Workshop

Teachers learn about students’ feelings, parents’ happiness and other critical information. Educate them on how to monitor student sucess and progress and meet at-risk students where they are at in their learning journey.

5. Host a Coffee and Conversation Event

A scheduled monthly update is necessary for busy parents. These meetings provide ways for parents to connect with school administration and teachers over a cup of coffee.

Partner With TADS to Increase Retention at Your Private School

The right tools and technology enhance retention. If you partner with TADS, you can create a positive family experience to increase student retention. Request a demo to try it out!

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