If your diocesan school system is like others across the United States, you have multiple schools under diocese leadership. Managing students across numerous schools often leads to challenges. Some software solutions can keep up with the demands of an entire school system and help increase administrative efficiency across all schools.

TADS is a cloud-based, full-service school management software designed to meet Catholic, private, and independent schools’ individual needs. TADS is scalable and highly customizable, so you can get the services your diocesan school system needs most.

How a Software Solution for Diocesan Schools Works

Every school in your diocese handles essential tasks like financial aid, admissions, tuition payments, and managing student information. Diocesan school administrators face new challenges and opportunities in today’s changing Catholic school environment. With TADS, administrators can automate many of these functions, opening more time for projects that directly impact students and school goals.

TADS offers a flexible solution for managing multiple schools. The system automates document collection and verification, financial aid application, tuition payment, and more, so your administrators can spend less time on manual processes. Ultimately, your diocesan schools gain the tools to create a better experience for families, staff, and your community.

Benefits of School Software for Diocesan Schools

TADS’ automation, document uploading capabilities, and bill payment functions help your diocesan schools focus on their mission, not tedious processes. TADS has multiple software modules, each with a unique function that streamlines different administrative responsibilities. Here’s how TADS diocesan school software can benefit schools across your system:

1. Save Money

TADS tuition management software saves schools money by reducing the need for a staff member whose only task is to process payments. Instead, automated software allows you to switch your employees’ focus to other projects related to growing your organization.

Tuition and billing management is only one software module from TADS. Our technology also includes financial aid assessment, admission and enrollment, and more. TADS software allows schools to customize their software suite by bundling the modules their diocesan school system needs without paying for the ones it doesn’t. Integrating your school management software saves you money on license and service fees over time, reduces redundant data entry, and reduces mistakes.

2. Simplify Admissions and Enrollment

Using the same admissions and enrollment software across your diocese makes your students and families more findable throughout your system. Each family has one account within the system so administrators can keep track of their applications across schools. You can easily pull up any student’s account to view document uploads, reports, and payment history.

With TADS admissions and enrollment software, administrators get a better picture of demographics and student information. The software also simplifies school-to-school transfer and allows families to apply to multiple schools within your system.

TADS also enables streamlined financial aid decisions with financial aid assessment software. This software module helps schools manage the financial aid application process without picking up the phone, helping you make data-driven award decisions.

3. Enable Tracking and Compliance

Your schools also must comply with federal and state regulations. Implementing a single software solution across a diocesan school system helps protect student privacy and meet compliance standards like Title IX. Student privacy is important, so TADS software aligns with privacy standards to secure sensitive information.

TADS is a proud signer of the Student Privacy Pledge, which gives families confidence in how organizations use their child’s data. TADS’s student information system fully meets privacy requirements, and we will never sell your data.

TADS also simplifies compliance by generating real-time reports that give administrators a clear view of school demographics. With this insight, you can gather the information to demonstrate compliance and implement improvement strategies.

4. Develop Growth Strategies

According to the National Catholic Educational Association’s report in February 2022, Catholic school enrollment in America increased by 3.8% in the 2021-2022 school year. This is the first increase in enrollment in two decades and underscores the importance of creating a long-term growth strategy for your diocese school system.

Attracting and retaining families is high on your priority list. TADS’ robust data reporting provides critical insights into your school system’s data. System-wide reporting shows attendance and enrollment data for every school at the press of a button. Administrators can compare year-over-year reports across all the schools in a diocese to track growth trends and understand school demographics.

With data gathered from the student information system, you can track enrollment, attendance, and even cafeteria sales across every school in your system. TADS empowers diocese school administrators to be strategically forward-thinking as they create enrollment and retention strategies to make a larger impact on their communities.

5. Eliminate Paperwork

Inefficient processes slow down productivity across your schools. Using TADS diocese school software, you can significantly reduce or even eliminate the amount of paperwork your offices have to handle each day. Automating routine administrative tasks and storing information on the cloud can help your organization communicate more efficiently with families and other staff members. This enables you to reduce the burden on administrators and families, creating a better experience for everyone.

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What to Look For in a Software Solution for Diocesan Schools

If you’re considering diocesan school software for the schools in your system, you can benefit from having school management software with some additional capabilities. At TADS, we listen to the schools we serve to continuously improve our services. Here are a few valuable features that make TADS stand out from other software options:


Every school has unique needs. Your school management system should reflect your school system’s individuality and priorities to ensure your students get the best experience possible. TADS is a customizable software that can accommodate a range of unique needs, from customizable tuition payment agreements to application documentation requirements. Schools also get to choose their software modules for a unique package.


Some school software works best for a smaller organization. You need school management software that can adapt as your diocesan school system changes. Whether you develop new needs or experience higher enrollment rates, TADS is scalable to meet your needs wherever you are.

User-Friendly Design

Since many administrators and families across your school system will be less tech-savvy, your software should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. A more convenient and straightforward user interface will help the families you serve to adapt to your software more quickly and fosters better communication.

Superior Customer Service

The TADS support team is available to answer your software questions and assist with staff training to ensure onboarding goes smoothly. Our knowledgeable team also reaches out to families on your behalf, handling late payments or missing application documents as an extension of your administrative team.

TADS Can Help With Diocesan School Software

Whether your diocesan school system is large or small, implementing school management software across your schools provides many benefits, from reduced costs to improved tracking and growth.

When you want to take the next step to assist your families and improve your organization, TADS can help. TADS has helped over 3,000 schools with software solutions since 1970. We assist these administrations through organizational improvement. Our automated software systems meet schools’ unique needs and empower your staff to serve your families better.

TADS is an extension of your administrative team. Contact us today to discover how our solutions are right for your diocese school.

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