Summer brings a welcome break for students and educators alike. However, for Catholic Diocese schools, maintaining a connection with families during these sun-drenched months is crucial. It fosters a sense of community, keeps your school top-of-mind, and sets the stage for a smooth transition back to the fall semester. Here are 7 engaging strategies to keep families connected with your Diocese school throughout the summer:

Summer Learning Faith Focus

Book Clubs & Reading Challenges: Organize online book clubs with faith-themed books for different age groups. Encourage summer reading challenges with rewards for completed books.

Summer Reflection Activities: Provide online prompts or downloadable worksheets for students to reflect on their faith during the summer months.

Nurture Community Spirit

Virtual Family Fun Nights: Host online game nights or talent shows using video conferencing platforms. Encourage diocese school families to showcase their skills and connect with each other. Encourage families to invite prospective or interested families to these virtual events as well.

Service Project Spotlight: Feature a different community service project each week on your school website and social media. Encourage families and students to volunteer together and share their experiences.

Virtual Tours & Events: Offer virtual tours of your school for incoming families or showcase any planned changes or renovations for existing families. Host online events like author talks or workshops related to faith or the value of a Catholic school education.

Communication is Key:

Summer Newsletters: Send out engaging newsletters with updates about upcoming events, summer enrichment programs, or faculty achievements. Highlight student artwork, writing pieces, and student awards.

Social Media Buzz: Post on your school’s social media platforms regularly with faith-inspiring quotes, summer activity ideas, or behind-the-scenes glimpses of school preparations for the fall.

Personalized Outreach: Reach out to new families who have expressed interest in your school during the spring. Offer virtual meetings, answer any questions they might have, and share resources that showcase your school’s unique offerings.

Embrace the Digital World:

Podcasts or Video Series: Start a podcast or video series featuring faculty members discussing faith, current events, or summer reading recommendations for parents and students.

Interactive Online Resources: Develop a dedicated webpage with interactive resources like online meditations, virtual tours of religious sites, or links to faith-based educational games.

Celebrate Summer Milestones:

Birthdays & Graduations: Send personalized birthday greetings to students and congratulate graduating families with a special message.

Sacramental Celebrations: Offer congratulations and well wishes to families celebrating important sacraments like First Communion or Confirmation during the summer months.

Foster Parent Engagement:

Volunteer Opportunities: Highlight volunteer opportunities for parents throughout the summer, such as helping with virtual events or preparing materials for the fall semester.

Parent Education Sessions: Offer online workshops or discussions on topics relevant to parents, such as “Raising Children in the Digital Age” or “Supporting Your Child’s Faith Journey.”

Partner with your Parish:

Collaborative Events: Organize joint summer events with your parish, such as family movie nights or a “Back-to-School Blessing” ceremony.

Parish Newsletter Inclusion: Collaborate with your parish to include information about your school’s summer programs, key admission deadlines, and upcoming events in their newsletters.

By implementing these strategies, your Diocese school can maintain a vibrant connection with families throughout the summer. This fosters a strong sense of community, strengthens parental engagement, and keeps your school at the forefront of families’ minds. And as the sun sets in summer, your school will be well-positioned for a successful and flourishing fall semester.


Bonus Strategies:

Rekindle the Flame: Alumni Summer Social

Summer is a prime time to reconnect with your alumni network. Here’s how to host an engaging alumni event:

Theme it Around Faith: Plan a school-based summer social with a faith-based theme. Host a picnic following a morning Mass, organize a service project followed by a barbecue, or hold a lecture series by a prominent Catholic speaker.

Spread the Word: Promote the event through social media, your alumni network, and parish announcements. Create a sense of nostalgia by featuring photos and stories from past school years.

This event fosters a sense of community among alumni, encourages them to reminisce about their positive experiences at your school, and increases the likelihood they will recommend your school to others.

Open Your Doors: Community Summer Events

Turn your school grounds into a vibrant hub for the community, during the summer months to help attract prospective families. Here’s how:

Facility Rentals: Offer your school facilities, like the baseball field, gym, or auditorium, for rent to community organizations or families for events like summer camps, sports leagues, or birthday parties. This generates additional revenue and showcases your school’s resources.

Host Community Events: Collaborate with local businesses or organizations to host events like movie nights under the stars, family yoga sessions, or community barbecues.

By opening your doors to the community, you build goodwill, raise awareness of your school’s positive atmosphere, and potentially attract future families seeking a school with a strong sense of community.

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