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Montessori Children's House of Durham

Who is the Montessori Children’s House of Durham?

Montessori Children’s House of Durham (MCHD) lays foundations for intellectual, moral, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual competence in our students. We shape young people who have a sense of the grand order of the universe, who can assume their rights and responsibilities, find joy in learning, and who delight among the peoples and in the places where they live.

Location: Durham, NC
Enrollment: 130 Students

About our school.
MCHD implements the classical Montessori principles: the development of concentration, order, and coordination, which foster the discipline required for independence. These skills enable the child’s freedom of inquiry, while multi-age classrooms promote individualized education. Confidence and enthusiasm is gained from the ability to self-initiate and from success.

We are a 501c3 non-profit, private, independent school in our 32nd year, with around 100 families and 130 students.

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Choosing TADS?

Because of the supporting data you request, and the data verification you do, and the fact that you handle following up with families for supporting data, rather than our having to. We also like your reporting, but this was not a big factor. Your customer service and how just plain nice you all are keeps us very happy and makes us not even look at any other competitor!

Montessori Children’s House of Durham & TADS.

Before TADS.
Financial Aid – We used another financial aid processor.

Current system used.
Financial Aid – TADS Financial Aid Assessment
Improvement – our school & processes.
We feel much more confident of the quality of the information we are getting about the family’s situation. We like that you rate the quality of the information good, fair, and poor. We are still able to make our award decisions according to the principles and guidelines we set, but based on fair, comprehensive, and equalizing information.