Keeping school doors open during a pandemic requires new responsibilities. These responsibilities were unimaginable six months ago. But here we are.

If you think about it, many of the new needs are just accelerating the adoption of technologies that have been on schools’ roadmaps for years. Other needs require a new approach to daily school operations.

We’ve heard from thousands of schools and heard about your new challenges first-hand. From financial hardships, to adopting new virtual learning platforms, to managing the endless temperature checks – it’s a lot.

While the challenges may be new, they don’t have to be overwhelming. Take a look at eight of the most prominent COVID-related challenges schools face and you’ll notice a solution is not far away. In fact, all eight have products in the Community Brands family that tackle schools’ needs head on.

Community Brands solutions are here to help!

  • Need to explore different pricing models? Check out TADS Flex to meet your school and family needs.
  • Leverage mobile friendly forms and find new and easy ways to recover lost revenue with CampusPay from Diamond Mind.
  • Discover the time-saving convenience of having an SIS that integrates with Google Classroom. Check out Educate.
  • Academia360 is perfect for schools who need to step up their online presence on a budget.
  • Ravenna will help you automate your admissions process and be more effective with your staff’s valuable time.
  • Choose the financial aid solution that best fits your school’s mission. You have two options with TADS Financial Aid Assessment and School & Student Services (SSS).
  • HealthCheck is an excellent partner for schools who need an affordable health screening app implemented in record time.
  • Discover how TestPoint will help you assess and support your students where they are now.

We’re in this together. Tell us how we can assist your school with the right technology today!

8 Pandemic-Related Challenges

Uncover the top challenges schools face and tips on how a new approach can help your school and your students thrive. Find specific solutions to help you tackle the challenges directly.

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