Admissions & Enrollment Features

TADS features make sense. Custom paper and online applications? Yes. Supporting documentation management? Yes. Data automatically fed into Financial Aid and Tuition Management? Yes. Fee payment? Yes. Amazing user and administrator experiences? Yes. Exceptional service from TADS? Of course.

Online Application

Applicants can apply, download and submit required documents, as well as pay fees online.

Paper Application

Applicants may submit all forms and payment directly to TADS.

Payments, Fees and Credits

Manage all admissions fees, credits and payments in one place. TADS collects all funds and remits them to you as soon as they clear.

Full Account History

View full history of an applicant's account.

Document Management

Simply upload a pdf of a required document and set which grades should fill it out. We will pre-fill the forms with all of the information we have and applicants can submit completed documents by mail, fax or upload.

Fee Management

Manage an unlimited number and type of fees. We collect all fees and follow up to make sure everyone is up to date.

Shared Data Across All Products

All collected data is readily available for enrollment, financial aid, grant management, tuition management contracts and incidental billing.



Families and administrators can enter and view data with peace of mind.