As an administrator of a K-12 Catholic school, you probably handle a lot of paperwork and tedious managerial tasks. While documentation is necessary for effectively running a school, many processes are inefficient and take up time you could spend on more valuable tasks helping your school grow.

Automation is one solution to the drain of monotonous tasks. This article covers all the facts Catholic school administrators need to know about automation, school management software, and how to streamline processes with robust technology solutions. When you utilize automation effectively, you can expand your school and provide a better experience for families.

What Is Automated Software for Catholic Schools?

Catholic schools function differently than public schools. As a private and independent school, your organization needs to handle admission, enrollment, billing, information management, and financial aid. Automation uses software to address many of these tasks in place of administrators.

A robust, cloud-based software can streamline administrative tasks and complete them automatically, saving school staff the time it takes to gather and input data themselves. This technology allows you to complete the time-consuming but essential processes on your school administration’s agenda using technology, making your work more efficient and eliminating unnecessary steps.

Discover more facts about automation for Catholic schools and its benefits below.

How Catholic School Automation Software Works for Administrators

Automating daily tasks can make a big difference for school administrators. Automation software begins working for school staff by collecting all student data in one location. Your admissions team can effortlessly read application essays and documents and accept or decline applications based on your school’s requirements from within the software. This speeds up enrollment processing for staff.

Automation software also generates real-time reports so administrators can track trends and evaluate their enrollment strategy’s effectiveness. Administrators can also keep up with financial aid applications, document verification, and tuition payments through automated application tracking. This information is stored within the software, giving staff a quick view of every student’s financial information. Year-over-year reports provide a big-picture look at a school’s data and demographics so administrators can make effective decisions to help their organization grow.

How Catholic School Automation Software Works for Families

Automation also simplifies processes for the families your school serves, improving their experience with your school. An automated software solution assists families through the entire process from inquiry to enrollment. Families can create an account within the system to upload, fill and sign essential documents as part of the application process. The software then stores and submits a student’s application for review.

Once accepted, families can also apply for financial aid and make tuition payments from the software. Families fill out financial aid documents and receive updates on their status. Families can set up their preferred payment method in the system to pay bills. Based on their provided information and the school’s requirements, the software generates payment plans, and families can choose the one that works best for them.

Catholic school automation can save families time and provide a user-friendly experience that generates positive interactions with your organization.

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Benefits of Catholic School Automation Software

Some essential facts Catholic school administrators should know about automation include its capabilities and benefits. With automated Catholic school software, administrators have solutions that can:

  • Simplify admissions and enrollment: Automating admissions processes makes registration easier for families and staff. Admissions and enrollment software provides a place for uploading essential documents like medical and financial records. Student information flows efficiently within the system to eliminate paperwork and store information securely in the cloud. Administrators can share contracts with families and collect missing documents electronically to streamline communication. The overall convenience of automation in the admissions process makes the experience convenient and positive for everyone.
  • Make tuition payment contactless: Automated tuition and billing management in your Catholic school software simplifies handling tuition payments and application fees. Tuition automation allows families to pay bills online, making payment completely contactless. Automated software also gives school administrators the chance to bill families at any time — whether for tuition or incidentals — and accommodate various payment agreements. Automated payment options and general ledger support save your office time and give you more control over the billing experience.
  • Assess financial aid applications efficiently: You want to ensure your school’s financial aid awards go to the students who can benefit the most. With automated financial aid assistance software, administrators automatically accept and verify financial aid applications to assess them more quickly. Administrators have every student’s information and financial aid applications in one place, allowing them to make more informed award decisions. These facts about Catholic school financial aid automation point to a win-win situation for your school and students.

What to Look for in a Catholic School Automation Software

Automation is a powerful tool for streamlining administrative processes at your Catholic school. Now that you know the essential facts Catholic school administrators should consider, how do you pick the right software for you? Consider these features of Catholic school software that can help your school implement automation efficiently:

  • Seamless integration: Some Catholic school software solutions offer complete integration between multiple functions. Integrating your automated processes provides even more benefits. For example, integrating financial aid assistance with tuition management allows you to track individual students’ financial information based on their unique agreements. Look for software that will enable you to use the features that most benefit your unique needs.
  • Strong customer support: A robust customer support team is essential for implementing new software. Onboarding takes some time, and your staff and families may have questions and experience issues at first. Having a professional support team to handle these situations and smooth out any problems is a major help.
  • Easy-to-use interface: One thing to remember when selecting Catholic school automation software is that many families and staff may be unfamiliar with using this kind of software. Finding technology that provides a user-friendly experience and transparent onboarding process will help your team and the families you serve start using the new system on the right foot.
  • Multiple payment methods: Another consideration for choosing new software is the number of payment methods available. Families may have different preferences for paying tuition, including debit cards, credit cards, and direct debit. Giving your families options helps to make the experience more convenient. You should also look for securely encrypted software, which provides peace of mind that financial information is safe from hackers.

TADS Can Help Your School With Automation

If your Catholic school wants to improve efficiency by automating some of its administrative tasks, TADS is here to help. Our software for K-12 Catholic schools is an automated solution that provides full integration between multiple software modules, each with its own function that automates different tasks. With the ability to bundle modules like tuition and billing management or purchase them individually, you can create a custom software package that suits your exact needs.

TADS has been providing private and independent schools with automation software that helps them meet their goals since 1970. Request a demo to see our software in action, or contact us today to see which modules would be best for your school.

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