Financial matters can be a sensitive topic, and K-12 financial aid is no different. Choosing the right financial aid software can encourage families to apply for financial assistance while instilling confidence in the process. Let’s dive into three ways TADS Financial Aid software helps schools build trust with families. 

1. Transparent Process 

TADS Financial Aid features a well-designed and accessible interface that helps families feel more comfortable while using the software, reducing confusion or frustration.  

Families have visibility into the entire process—the instructions, application, and application tracking are all housed in one central location. The software can prompt missing information as families fill out the application. By providing immediate feedback on potential mistakes, such as incomplete fields or invalid entries, the software helps families correct errors and avoid delays caused by incomplete or inaccurate submissions.  

Plus, families know exactly where they are at every step of the way; TADS confirms the submission of their application, notifies them of any missing documents or additional requirements, and informs them when decisions are available.  

2. Clear Communication 

With TADS Financial Aid, schools can foster transparent and effective communication channels that strengthen the relationship between the school and the families it serves.  

Through the software, schools can effectively convey vital information to families regarding the financial aid application process, eligibility criteria, necessary documentation, and timelines. By providing this information in a clear and accessible manner, TADS enables families to navigate the application process with confidence and clarity.   

Moreover, TADS recognizes the importance of personalized support and offers a friendly support team that can be reached by phone or email. The support team offers assistance in both English and Spanish, ensuring effective communication for a diverse range of users. This commitment to reliable communication establishes trust by keeping families informed, addressing their concerns, and providing timely assistance when needed.   

“Multiple parents have thanked me for switching to TADS and have told me how the process is so much better and smoother.” -Shoshi R., Ben Porat Yosef School

3. Fair Awarding 

TADS uses a vetted formula to analyze data and recommend award amounts, ensuring a fair and unbiased approach for all families. This eliminates any advantage based on personal connections, prior interactions with administrators, or a family’s standing within the school community. TADS also offers flexibility within its methodology to adapt to school-specific policies, such as financial aid budget amounts, implementing multiple phases for applications, setting different due dates, and incorporating supplemental information when necessary.  

The system considers multiple factors beyond income, such as family makeup, expenses, and debts. This comprehensive evaluation allows for a more nuanced assessment of financial needs, ensuring that families with various financial situations are considered for aid. This commitment to fairness and inclusivity helps build trust with families, as they can be confident that their unique circumstances are taken into account.  

On the administrative side, TADS can generate reports and analyze data to identify any disparities or inequities in aid distribution. These insights can help administrators make informed decisions to address gaps and promote equitable outcomes. Regular data analysis can highlight areas for improvement and ensure ongoing efforts to enhance equity in financial aid awards. Schools may share a few financial aid statistics from these reports in their financial aid communication materials to foster transparency and give families insight into their commitment to financial aid goals, progress, and successes. 

See How TADS Financial Aid Benefits Families Firsthand  

If your school wants to build trust and transparency in the financial aid process, TADS Financial Aid is designed to help. Schedule a demo with one of our experts to see how the solution benefits families and school staff, creating an enjoyable experience while maintaining integrity.   

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