Why Online Tuition Matters

Using online tuition management is a key benefit to both families and schools for many reasons. Using online payments reduces lost payments, saves paper and enables families to quickly and efficiently pay school tuition.  Schools also see benefits in reduced time of...

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The Benefits of Bundling

With our TADS Flex pricing you can bundle and save in the ways that works best for your unique budget’s needs. Our tuition management software gives you tools to customize your enrollment experience and fee structure for families and for your school.

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Making Financial Aid Folder Reviews Easy

We know you’re in the midst of receiving all the financial aid information and making decisions this year on what your school can provide for each of those applicants. We know that in preparing to make these award decisions for the coming school year, consistency and efficiency are the keys to successfully reviewing the student applicant folders.

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The Student Privacy Pledge and Why It’s important

As a part of EdTech companies that serve the K-12 market, we are proud to be signees on the Student Privacy Pledge, joining many other EdTech companies who have done the same. This pledge is far-reaching in what it covers to protect student information.  

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Oh, What a Dashboard Can Do For you!

We know you’re in the middle of closing out the end of the school year and planning for the next. We’re also working to ensure our TADS dashboard helps your school work smarter, not harder.  

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