Hi everyone! Welcome to the new blog by TADS. We are glad you are here with us. If you have been following TADS for a while, you may have noticed that just a couple months ago, we launched a complete redesigned website. As we are continuing to optimize the site, we have decided it was the perfect time to launch our new TADS blog.

Our number one goal for this blog to become a great resource of knowledge for anyone interested in learning more about TADS as well as the K-12 industry. We want to humanize the K-12 software space and bring you a variety of powerful and useful topics to share in various formats, including:

-Customer success stories
-TADS product information
-Webinars, white papers and more!

With so many resources out there, we know you have a lot to choose from. Our hope is that you utilize this blog to find some best practices for making the most out of your TADS modules and K-12 solutions. As we continue to curate some great content for you and your families, be sure to take a look through our newly renovated website and check out all TADS has to offer. We look forward to connecting with you soon