Each generation of families is different. With the current multigenerational family make-up at private schools, it can be an advantage to schools to understand the subtle differences in generations and support their different communication needs as well.  

According to a Pew Research Study, only three out of ten Millennials have a spouse and a child compared with 40% of Gen Xers at a comparable age.   

The research also revealed that Millennials have more education then previous generations of adults and it’s likely their partner has the same educational status as well. For example, a college-educated Millennial is likely to be married to someone with the same educational background. In fact, the study revealed that 75% of married Millennials with a bachelor’s degree or higher are married to another college graduate. 

Another important data point for private schools is that one-in-five Millennial men are single parents living with their own child or children. Single parents in the Millennial generation will have different financial assistance needs then a two-parent household.  

Here are 4 ways you can empower your communication efforts to reach Millennial families:

1. Have a strong, streamlined communication plan. Even with technological ease, 58% of millennial parents found the information available to them somewhat, very or extremely overwhelming—compared with 46% of Gen Xers. That statistic is important because it underscores how schools need to adapt and grow their communication initiatives based around what works best for families instead of what might be easiest for the school.

2. Millennials are 9% more likely to say they are the first of their friends to try new products. For your school this means reaching out to millennials often and early in their decision making process. Use your school’s data and community data and think about hosting a financial aid information session just for millennial parents. 

3. Did you know that research shows of 93% of Millennials that 19% access the internet only via smartphone.  86% of millennials use text and social media to communicate and stay informed. Use your school’s social media to highlight for families what your school offers. Plan school campaigns specifically targeted at each generation during your school outreach and make sure they are mobile optimized.

4. Over 86% percent of millennials use social media in the form of Instagram and Twitter. Do you have a millennial parent that is particularly adept at social media who might volunteer to do your Twitter and Instagram? Do you have pictures and short tweets in you school calendar that can be easily posted and shared as a way to reach out to new families? Do you have creative #hashtags for your school’s branding? 

For each generation it’s important to reach out in ways from which they most benefit. 

To hear how parents differ in communication styles as well as technology usage and needs – we encourage you to listen to our – Gen X vs Millennial Webinar –  featuring GenX and Millenial private school parents.  


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