In this competitive school race, one of the most important things to increase your own potential enrollments and long-term growth for your school is to actively be able to leverage your data from your school administrative software to inform your outreach decisions.  

Here are some key things to keep in mind in order to use your data more effectively: 

  • Are you frequently updating your data to be able to accurately forecast your student and school outreach initiatives? 
  • Is your data easily tracked and understood and relevant to key stakeholders and decision makers (Board of Trustees) in your school system? 
  • Are you gathering outside data and using public census data to track changes and shifts in your community population?
  • Are you cross-referencing data points from all your student information? For instance, are you able to track your financial aid data alongside your admissions data for each student enrolled in your system?


Being able to transform your data from your online school management system into a virtual data map can also serve you when reporting to parentsadministrators and funders in regard to how you are serving your student base. 

Data points in grant and funding initiatives can help illuminate the unique mission and needs of your school system for garnering those needed funds.  

Now more than ever, in the competitive landscape, data and transforming that data into pro-active and long-term planning initiatives for your school’s growth will help you stay more competitive in the market.  

Here are some key things your data should be able to identify for you for better enrollment management and financial stability: 

  • What is the current makeup of your student body?
  • What are the financial needs and background for each student and family?
  • What is your retention rate and whatif any, issues can be addressed to increase your retention?
  • What is the cost per student at your school depending on length of specific student enrollment?


Using accurate and well-sourced data on a regular basis, can help you forecast for your growth in five, ten and fifteen years.  

Our TADS school management software is built for deepening your data insight and gathering abilities. Schedule a demo to learn more.

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