School software can promote significant growth and improvement for private K-12 schools. However, choosing the right services is essential. With so many options available, bundling can help schools remain on budget while receiving high-quality solutions.

What Is Software Bundling?

Software bundling groups multiple software solutions to create one integrated product with several complex functions. When companies bundle their products together, they often offer various options. Understanding the different types can help you find the right solution for your school as you search for a school software bundle:

  • Pure bundling: When organizations offer pure bundling deals, you can only purchase their products as a bundle. This option works best for solutions that need multiple parts to function, like many school software solutions.
  • Mixed bundling: Mixed bundling lets customers purchase products as a bundle or individually. This bundling solution can be helpful if you are focusing on a specific area of growth.
  • Custom bundling: This type of bundle is more unusual. With this solution, customers can group similar products into unique bundles. You can create custom solutions that let you cherry-pick the best options for your school, faculty, and students.

Benefits of School Software Bundling

Bundling school software solutions can benefit private K-12s looking for affordable solutions. Bundling helps schools stay within their budget while providing better performance, letting schools offer superior services to students and families, and fostering continual growth.

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1. Simplify Solutions

Bundling school software can make it easier for your administrative teams to manage it. When schools use software from multiple companies, it can be challenging to integrate and troubleshoot when issues arise. When each piece of software has a unique interface and functions, students, families, and faculty have to learn to use each one to do essential daily functions.

Bundling makes it easier to navigate your solutions. Users can move across different solutions seamlessly, more confident in their actions with interfaces designed to work together. It’s also easier to reach out for tech support when one company develops every service you use, simplifying the troubleshooting process.

Simplified school software lets you boost your faculty’s efficiency, helping them navigate applications and find information more quickly. Streamlined software lets them focus on more essential tasks, like helping students and families through admissions and enrollment.

2. Reduce Costs

Many bundles cost less than buying each piece of software individually. Investing in a school software bundle gives you access to multiple solutions while staying within your budget. Saving money on the critical interfaces your school uses every day lets you use more funds for critical growth initiatives, like marketing campaigns or school events.

3. Access Reliable Data

When you make a decision, you need up-to-date information to support it. Reliable data can help support the need for new initiatives and highlight results from similar projects. Software solutions can gather data and offer valuable insights. However, using separate systems across departments may limit the information your teams can access. You can increase data accessibility and visibility when you bundle school software. All staff members can view the same information, making quicker, stronger decisions.

Many solutions also automate data input, reducing the need for manual processes that can lead to errors and commissions in vital information. As data updates automatically, you can ensure that everything is relevant and accurately represents current conditions. This system provides more reliable data to help with decision-making and reports.

4. Cater to Student and Family Needs

You are likely to have more students and families who are comfortable using technology than you have in the past. Students who have grown up using smartphones and laptops are more technologically adept than other generations. Their families love quicker services that technology allows, like overnight shipping and curbside orders.

Many families already love the functionality that comes with school software. Online messaging can provide faster communication methods with teachers and faculty, letting families get answers to their questions sooner. Virtual payment portals and automated reminders help simplify tuition and track payments.

Bundled school software can help you keep up with student and family expectations. When all of your solutions are on the same interface, it simplifies your user experience, creating more positive interactions. You can further streamline sharing information by establishing reminders across services.

5. Strengthen Security

Cybersecurity for K-12 schools is essential. Schools collect data from students and families, from contact information to billing and payment details. Departments need to share information to make comprehensive decisions. Using multiple software providers can make it more challenging to protect sensitive information. Different providers may have varying security measures, creating weak or vulnerable spaces where hackers can easily access data.

Around 5,000 schools experienced cyberattacks in the first month of 2022. In 2020, schools saw an 18% increase in cybersecurity breaches. Attacks like these can cost schools thousands of dollars in damages as they hurry to pay ransoms and retroactively increase security measures.

A bundled solution from a single provider can simplify your security measures. Housing your information on the same solution lets you establish more comprehensive protection.

6. Support Growth Initiatives

The cost savings from bundling school software can help schools afford more solutions to inspire continual growth. You can use software to track information and create better efficiency habits, creating the foundation you need to accomplish your long-term goals and initiatives.

Additionally, school software bundles help dioceses develop their growth strategies. Managing and developing information can be challenging with multiple schools grouped in one system. Bundles can offer several crucial solutions dioceses need to track data and care for students and families.

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Learn More About Bundling for Admissions and Enrollment

Bundles can give your school the tools it needs, helping it thrive and provide excellent services to students and their families. Software bundling can significantly help admissions and enrollment departments, which draw on multiple sources of information and handle several essential functions. Bundling can help make your school’s processes and teams more efficient and back them with strong, accurate data.

At TADS, we value individualized solutions. With over 50 years of experience working with private K-12s, we understand each school has unique needs and goals. When you partner with TADS, you can select the services you want to bundle together, creating the perfect solution for your school.

Contact TADS today to learn more about our bundling services.

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