Even as the enrollments of private schools continue to grow, there are fundamental things that matter in using your school’s administrative software: 

  1. Data sharing across all functions 
  2. Privacy protection 
  3. Valuable analytics 
  4. Reducing time spent on data entry and managing of data while improving efficiency of data usage. 
  5. Easy implementation, support, and training 

We also know the foundation of any school budget includes being able to grow and scale for the coming years. That’s why we offer different ways for schools to utilize our school management software products. We offer the ability to bundle our modules together to ensure we help schools maintain their budget’s bottom line as well as increase opportunities for growth as the school wants to add additional resources.  

Our aim is to serve you with the right fee structure that works best for your school and your families. Whether you have a standalone tuition management solution or the complete suite, each module within TADS is designed to work with all modules and can be bundled into a custom solution.  That includes a pricing structure that can scale with your school as you expand your needs.   

With our TADS Flex pricing you can bundle and save in the ways that works best for your unique budget’s needs. Our tuition management software gives you tools to customize your enrollment experience and fee structure for families and for your school.  

Each of our modules work effortlessly with one another and can produce actionable data and insight for the school to more easily understand and connect with families and their unique financial and educational needs.   Data is shared across modules so users can reduce data entry and errors. 

By bundling school software’s management system, schools also have stronger privacy protection of data. According to the most recent report from the nonprofit K12 Security Information Exchange, during the 2019-2020 school year, there was an expansion of cybersecurity attacks. The K12 Security Information Exchange (K12 SIX) is a national non-profit membership organization dedicated solely to helping to protect K-12 schools—public and private—from cybersecurity threats, such as ransomware and phishing attacks. 

Their report revealed that these cyberattacks on schools saw an increase of 18 percent over the prior year. This percentage underscores the K-12 sector will continue to be a new target for cybersecurity data attacks and maintaining private and sensitive financial information and student data in schools will continue to be a growing need for schools.  By having all the modules bundled you are also able to assure your internal staff and your families that you keep their data as secure as possible at any given time.  

Schools depend on data to forecast future financial aid offerings as well as build and maintain diverse student populations. Having powerful, protected, and valuable data insights are building blocks for the future of each school.  

Bundling your modules together not only contributes to a leaner bottom line, but also helps you reduce the workload of your staff in implementing the new software and managing and maintaining the software.  By bundling your enrollment, admissions, tuition management, student information management and financial aid software, users only have to manage one contract.  With one customer support team knowledgeable in all modules, they make triaging issues a piece of cake. 

Let us show you how TADS can meet your needs – request a demonstration today at – https://www.tads.com/demo/.