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Our Promise

TADS is Red Flags CompliantAICPA SOC - TADS is SSAE16 Type 2 Certified

TADS combines our experience, relationships and unique services, allowing schools of all sizes to concentrate on the growth and successes of their students.


TADS has been helping schools by providing efficient and effective tools since 1970. We are proud of our accomplishments. We began providing streamlined solutions for schools by assisting the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis to automate their tuition aid process. We listen to our schools and continually update our methods to reflect both your needs and the most current methods.


TADS is affiliated with 2000+ schools across the U.S. We have built our reputation on a foundation of relationships and trust. We meet the needs of schools in all regions and work with families from all backgrounds. With TADS, you really do come first.


We use the best technology in our field to make the application process simple for both schools and families. Our advanced features allow online access by applicants, school administrators and TADS personnel, all using the same dynamically updated database and document attachment tools. Our Admissions, Enrollment, Financial Aid Assessment, Tuition Management and many other tools were all developed to be simple to use. TADS services don’t require you to have any special hardware or software – it’s that easy.


Our objectives are focused on these key tenets, which we believe are instrumental to the successful operation of our business:

  • Access — We provide industry-leading technology and first-class service to schools of all shapes and sizes.
  • Integrity – We foster mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients, employees and industry associates based on the highest level of trust and professionalism. We are committed to those we serve and support.
  • Innovation – We provide our clients with effective solutions and advanced tools to enhance their learning capabilities and competitive edge.
  • Leadership – We continuously develop services and strategies for the private school industry that anticipate industry changes and make the most of emerging opportunities within the marketplace.
  • Excellence – We continuously seek the highest possible standards of performance; our employees are inspired to exceed your requirements and expectations.