Gen X vs Millennials: The Generational Approach to Understanding What Families Want at Your School

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As Millennials reach a new stage of life – the oldest among them will turn 39 this year – a clearer picture of how members of this generation are establishing their own families is coming into view. Previous research highlights not only the sheer size of the Millennial generation, which now surpasses Baby Boomers as the largest but also its racial and ethnic diversity and high rates of educational attainment. This research also notes that Millennials have been slower than previous generations to establish their own households. Millennials also tend to split parenting duties more evenly, have duel income households, and find technology essential.

Schools must understand the differences between appealing to millennial parents and Gen X parents. Most children entering elementary school will be the offspring of millennials, while children entering middle and high school will be the offspring of Gen X parents.

Join us for a panel discussion on the generational differences in parenting. We’ll talk with two parents, one Gen Xer and one Millennial, with children in private schools and dive into their points of view and struggles on everything from technology, communications, expectations, and motivations. We’ll marry this with national trends to give you a better understanding of your audiences, how to appeal to those audiences, what products and systems need to be in place to address those audiences and how to plan for the future of your school.

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