Common School Reporting Scenarios and How to Address Them 


Learn about the most common reporting scenarios your school will face this school year and how to generate reports for them—quickly and easily.  

Experts from MIP by Community Brands will share and explain how K-12 school accounting teams can benefit from the different types of reporting that an accounting software provides. We will address various pain points schools face and how the MIP Fund Accounting® reporting suite can help save time and tell your school’s fiscal story.   

This webinar is ideal for accounting or business office teams that are spending a lot of time generating reports. Attendees will learn: 

  • More about quick audits 
  • How MIP simplifies managing donations/gifts 
  • Easy ways to report assets 
  • How to make financial decisions and avoid staff burnout/turnover  
  • How to tell your schools financial story easily with a flexible chart of accounts 

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