A predictable approach to tuition & billing

Introducing a new pricing model that simplifies your planning and gives families flexibility.

Tuition management with options.

Now more than ever, schools need a technology partner who can help ensure your financial stability. With our new Flex pricing for TADS Tuition & Billing Management your school gets more predictability, flexibility and the option to create additional revenue streams. Or you can choose a traditional fee-based model if that works best – it’s up to you! 


Customize your fee structure with TADS Flex

Schools pay a flat per-student rate for TADS.To help you meet the needs of today’s ever-changing financial landscape, we give you the tools to create your own enrollment experience and fee structure.  

Take control– Assess and waive the fees you choose, when and how you want.
Save time Use the power of the TADS portal to make adjustments as you see fit. 
Increase transparency-Accurately plan your budget and spending with predictable subscription fees. 

TADS Fee-based


Stick with a traditional family-Fee based

Families pay set fees directly to TADS. If you prefer a more standard approach, our fee-based pricing may be right for you.

We do the heavy lifting– We’ll set the fees and charge your families directly.
Straight-forward billingWith a predetermined fee structure you don’t have to negotiate with your families about charges.
Family-paid fees– Fees are paid for by the family as they are incurred.

The choice is yours.

Every school is navigating through uncharted territory, but Community Brands is here to help.​

​ With our team providing best-in-class support for your families and new pricing options, you have more flexibility to reach your goals while staying true to your mission. ​

Automate school management with TADS.

Whether you need a standalone Tuition Management solution or the Complete Suite, each module within TADS is available as an individual service or can be bundled into a custom solution. 

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See how you can take back control of your fees!