Tuition Management Leaving You Puzzled?

We Can Help.

Just like a puzzle, your organization has many pieces that work together to form the big picture.

For everything to run smoothly, each piece needs to match up perfectly with those around it. The same is true with the software you use—and trust us, we know it can be hard to find the right fit. That’s where we come in. Community Brands fuels mission-driven organizations with one-stop-shop solutions. We’ll fill in the missing pieces so you can save time, money, and resources.


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Complete Your Tuition Management Puzzle

Watch these videos to learn four ways to help complete your puzzle for tuition management.

Piece #1 of Tuition Management: Digital Payments

Piece #2 of Tuition Management: Financial Flexibility

Piece #3 of Tuition Management: Integrated Technology

Piece #4 of Tuition Management: Multi-channel Communication

Get the Full Picture: Join a Webinar

Learn about industry trends, see our tuition management software in action, and ask questions. 


4 Key Pieces of the Tuition Management Puzzle
Meet TADS: A Flexible Enrollment Solution to Complement SchoolSpeak
How Schools Can Leverage Technology to Promote Work-Life Balance 

Fill in the Missing Pieces: Additional Resources 

Wondering what your options are for tuition management? Or how to communicate to parents about billing and invoices? Our helpful resources are full of tips and tricks to navigate common questions and challenges.


Webinar  | Financial Strategy

We have tips to optimize your technology solutions so that you can make better-informed financial decisions and drive results.


Blog | Tuition Management

Read to see how taking tuition management digital can support your school’s needs now and in the future. 



Discover a whole school strategy to sustainable revenue streams for K-12 private and independent schools


Webinar | School Reporting

Learn about the most common reporting scenarios your school will face this school year and how to generate reports for them—quickly and easily.


Blog | Technology Checklist

As technology evolves, it’s advantageous for your school to consider keeping a technology checklist to ensure you’re maximizing your school’s technology efficiency.


Webinar | K-12 Trends report

This webinar highlights our findings from our 2022 K-12 Trends Report and how your school can transform its business office with MIP Fund Accounting

Complete school management solutions. Increase enrollment, track tuition payments, award financial aid efficiently, and more with a unified digital campus.  

A cloud-based fund accounting solution that powers budgets, integrates easily with spreadsheets, offers user-restrictions to keep data safe, and streamlines reporting. 

Industry-leading fundraising and donor management software. Host events, offer multiple payment options, and foster an engaged donor community. 

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