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November Cornerstone Updates

November Cornerstone Updates

November 25, 2014

We continue to receive excellent feedback on the beta version of the new gradebook. Thank you to all our users who are reaching out to us! We are tracking all the comments and future suggestions and are using them to prioritize areas of focus to make the gradebook even better. Today we are updating Cornerstone to address the following gradebook items:

  • The gradebook will default to the current grading period, based on today’s date and the dates that are set for the track for the terms
  • All assignments will now display the number of ungraded assignments or the green checkmark in the assignment name box at the top of the gradebook
  • Grade weighting for “Weighting by Category” sections will now correctly handle the assignments that are not graded and will re-distribute the weights for sections where not all categories are used

We are also updating the way that school administrators set access for users and send out usernames and passwords. The system will now auto-generate an editable message to the users, based on the permission function that the user selects. This will clear up the confusion that now exists for school administrators regarding the message that is sent out.

We are currently working on our next task list of updates to the Cornerstone product. We are aware that there are a number of items to address to bring this product up to TADS standards, so please be patient with us as we hammer out the tasks to get us there!