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New Cornerstone Grade Book

New Cornerstone Grade Book

October 17, 2014

One of the big challenges within the Cornerstone classroom module was the existing grade book. Not only was it 1) Flash-based and therefore incompatible with the vast majority of portable devices, it was 2) very slow and 3) cumbersome to use once it was actually loaded.  Needless to say, we had some issues with it.

We are really happy to announce our new html-based gradebook! Not only does it cure the above issues, we were also able to address other shortcomings and implement many enhancements because of the great feedback from our schools.

We will get more in-depth with the enhancements soon, but here is a quick list of improvements:

  • Much faster to load, easier to use
  • No more dealing with multiple pages!
  • Score-based and standards-based assignments can be scored in the same grade book
  • Assignment header shows number of assignments that are not graded
  • Filter is available to show only ungraded assignments
  • Search features exist on Assignment Category, Due Date and Assignment
  • Look is much cleaner and modern
  • Highlighting makes it obvious where you are working in the grade book
  • Legend is movable
  • Hovering over Grade, Percentage and Score column shows total breakdown of calculation
  • Assignments that are not tied to categories are flagged
  • Score entry is faster
  • More data is visible on the page

We have added an in-page help/walkthrough of how to use the new interface and will be adding many more walkthroughs to other parts of the site, replacing our now external knowledgebase.

We feel that this may be the best grading interface in the industry.  We are really excited about this new interface and how it will influence the software moving forward.

Screenshots to come.  Please contact us if you have any questions.