The peak is less than a mile ahead, and you must keep going. Grab your pack and get ready to make the last push to realize continued, sustained success for your school.  

While you’re doing everything you can to provide for students, teachers, and staff, your school’s technology should be working together to do everything it can to position your school for sustained success. To capitalize on this, your business office must take a holistic view of individual systems and evaluate how well they communicate with each other and effectively perform multiple tasks for long-term sustained success.    

The Benefits of Fund Accounting  

Administrators often overlook accounting and its processes when considering new technology, but if your school relies on a dated or solution that isn’t tailored for schools, it’s creating inefficiency. Inefficient products increase the time it takes your finance team to complete tasks and often rely on workarounds, leaving room for human error.   

We developed MIP Fund Accounting®, a flexible, comprehensive, cloud-based fund accounting solution, to help schools boost financial efficiency and reporting regardless of school size. With MIP, your school can: 

  • Manage multiple and diverse funding sources, from fundraising, pledges, endowments, parent association dues, to tuition via TADS 
  • Create custom, audience-appropriate reports for boards, grantors, and community partners 
  • Plan for what-ifs and future school budget needs 
  • Capture and track all fixed assets 
  • Improve efficiency ​ 
  • Reduce human error​ 
  • Simplify audits and tax filing​​ 
  • Keep information secure ​  

MIP helps schools streamline their financial processes for long-term sustainability. Our user-friendly and customizable software makes accounting, tracking, and reporting easier so you can make informed financial decisions for your institution and demonstrate impact. With 40 years of experience, MIP is the fund accounting solution for thousands of schools nationwide.  

As our flagship fund accounting solution, MIP is one part of our education-focused technology portfolio.  

Increased Success with TADS and MIP 

When your school uses MIP and TADS, it creates a complete platform that increases efficiency and helps your business office maximize and reallocate resources through better accounting practices.  When your team increases its efficiency, it has:   

  • More time to help families and staff 
  • A clear understanding of the relationship between tuition funds and operating expenses 
  • Fewer manual entry-related errors  

With the TADS to MIP Data Adapter, your school can easily enhance the data structure within TADS to improve workflows between systems. TADS users can quickly export items into MIP’s general ledger to help your accounting team.   

Using both systems allows your school to automate segmented general ledger reports regularly. School administrators can also reconcile charges through the general ledger and upload them into MIP to be reflected there.   

The Peak of Success 

Using Community Brands’ solutions modernizes your school’s technology and creates a multipurpose solution that addresses every aspect of your school’s administrative process. We developed our suite of solutions for purpose-minded schools to reach the peak of their missions.   

By using a connected network of solutions, your administrative team can maximize its resources and recapture time to dedicate to other pressing administrative functions.  

Our solutions enable schools to:  

  • Simplify and extend operational capacity 
  • Effectively manage tuition, fundraising, budgeting, and financial aid 
  • Drive growth to fuel your mission  

Join thousands of schools already using TADS and MIP. Interested in learning more or want to see how our solutions can work for you? Request a demo.