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The Groundhog said this year will be different...and he is right.

The Groundhog said this year will be different…and he is right.

February 13, 2019

Bethany Little- VP, K-12 Solutions

We just had Groundhog Day and for the first time in many years, Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early Spring! With so many of our schools, K-12 staff and the families that we serve through our schools, experiencing record breaking cold temperatures right now, its hard to believe that Spring will come early.

This rarity of the Groundhog prediction made me think, that Community Brands is also making some predictions about 2019 that may be surprising to the market and many of our K-12 customers. It’s time for me to start talking about them!

Since I have started my role leading the K-12 division last March, I have learned so much about the needs of schools. I have met with many customers representing large and small independent and faith-based schools, and I have also had the privilege to meet with key influencers like NAIS and NBOA. My biggest takeaway has been around the people and the passion, the technology is important, but it starts with the mission of the school and the people who support it.

The people who work in our schools, whether in the Business Office, Admission, or on the academic side, are there because they are passionate about preparing young people for the future. Yet, we are in an era of change in the education space. Managing the financial sustainability of our private and independent schools is a growing challenge, all the while, classrooms and education practices are quickly changing…Schools need more funds to quickly evolve their models, stay competitive and modernize.  Facing these market pressures, those who work in schools still get up every day to focus on that next student that passes through their halls, a leader for tomorrow’s world.

So what do we predict for Community Brands K-12 Solutions in 2019?  We are going to help schools prepare the leaders of tomorrow with the future-forward technology today.  We are going to:

  • Enable your technology choices with best in class products; but we’re not stopping there. We will deliver an ROI linked to a school’s program (Admission, Financial Aid, Tuition Management, etc.) and also yield insights into financial sustainability.
  • Delight parents and families– you are going to see innovations from us with a mobile first mentality.
  • Help schools adopt. Sometimes we all need an assist making sure we’re getting all we can out of the systems we own. We want to help everyone get off of those spreadsheets!
  • Ease the process of implementing our technology one component at a time to ensure adoption We won’t force a full suite rip and replacement. That’s time intensive and scary!

If we can get this right, schools do schools, we do tech – together we do great things!  But at the end of the day, it’s all for a bigger purpose – the right people spending time and energy on the students, families and missions they serve.

This is the first of many to come communications from the K-12 team, here at Community Brands.  2019, it will be different in a good way, just like the Groundhog predicted.