Schools admins gain more flexibility and efficiency with expanded options

New enhancements to TADS mass billing functionality gives schools more ways to add charges or credits across multiple accounts at one time. This includes charges and credits for both billing accounts and tuition agreements.

By expanding this popular functionality, school admins have the ability to:

  1. Add charges in bulk to billing accounts or tuition agreements in the CREATING or SENT status.
  2. Add credits in bulk to billing accounts or tuition agreements in the CREATING or SENT status.
  3. Upload spreadsheets of charges and credits in a more open format. Admins can now take advantage of a new SIMPLE IMPORT option for both mass crediting and mass billing. No more excel sheets formatted with very specific headings and column ordering.

Ways schools will find this enhanced functionality valuable

Mass crediting

The next time your school wants to apply faculty discounts to a large group at one time, admins can either import an excel sheet of students with amounts already entered, or they can generate a list and enter it in the browser. This is an efficient alternative to individually adding discounts to each student’s account. Credits can be applied to tuition agreements before they’re setup or to billing accounts after agreements have been setup.

Mass billing

Non-standard fees like graduation fees, yearbook fees and athletic fees can be easily added in bulk to tuition agreements. Just like with mass crediting, this can be done in-browser or by importing a spreadsheet with amounts already entered.  Mass-billing is especially valuable when needing to bill ad-hoc charges.

Take advantage of the time-saving functionality today

TADS has long had the ability to add charges in bulk across multiple billing accounts.  However, these recent enhancements give school admins much more flexibility and control.

Log into your TADS account to begin leveraging this time-saving function or to simply learn more.



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