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School Record Management

The Educate suite for school Record Management is comprised of several modules that provide access and features for particular purposes and groups, including for parents or teachers and for working with final grades and information.

Record Management for Administrators

Schools can manage and communicate the necessary information to help them function both on a daily and long-term basis. When using the Educate suite, schools are able to track everything from student grades and standardized test scores to tuition plans to invoicing and lunch counts.

The TADS Educate Schedule Builder allows you to automatically create the best schedule for your needs. Our solution offers an easy to understand graphic interface that uses drag and drop technology to quickly build and edit your calendar.

The Evaluations module is a performance evaluation tool that allows you to develop personalized assessment forms for staff evaluations. Each member of you school community is able to complete assessments for teachers and administrators allowing for a true 360 degree performance evaluation.

Record Management for Teachers

The TADS Educate Classroom module is the teacher portal for the Educate application. Teachers can input grades, manage assignments and take attendance right from their desktop with the client solution. This solution then populates the Web-based system, allowing teachers to access their information anywhere, any time.

Parents & Students

Parents and students can access their information through the Educate Household module. Students can view course information, grades and assignments, while parents can view account information and information about their child’s progress. Events, announcements and news are updated on the parent’s and student’s home pages as well, keeping them informed of all school activities.

Parents can get instant updates with Educate’s Communications module. Families can sign up for alerts via text and email letting them know about absentees, drops in children’s grades, school closings, and much more.

Parish Record Management

Our Parish module is built to support parish, regional, archdiocesan records, and all your administrative function needs. All of your records are stored in a centralized database and access can be managed through permissions from the archdiocese level, parish, or home. And to make your workflow easier the Parish module features customizable information views and templates that allow the you to customize information to fit various needs and groups.

Highlights by Module