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School Census Management

Census Management is a Snap with the Educate Discovery Module

Discovery is an advanced analysis and reporting system that allows school districts, diocese, and other organizations to collect and analyze census tract or other data. Using the reporting tools that are included with Discovery, you can transform data into information and insights to benefit your organization.

Extensive Data Collection

From enrollment to staffing, student performance, or even student/teacher classroom ratio histories Discovery is a powerful data collection tool. Collecting, understanding, and using data about your schools and student performance is critical to short and long-term management and improvement. Without collecting and analyzing data, administrators are unlikely to identify and solve problems that need attention, identify appropriate solutions, or know how they are progressing towards their goals. Discovery’s data collection capabilities provide a powerful tool to help your district or diocese manage their schools and help them utilize their power and unrealized potential.

Flexible Report Scheduling & Delivery

Discovery’s automated report scheduling and delivery gives information to the right users at the right time. Scheduling helps streamline information delivery as well as can help you optimize the running of reports on a network. (i.e. during off-peak hours)

Benefits of Automated Report Scheduling & Delivery:

  • Allows information to be distributed efficiently and consistently to end-users.
  • Ensures that heavy processing doesn’t occur during peak hours, thereby placing a lighter load on the system or network.
  • Lets users know in real time about changes.

Plus, Discovery’s reporting function provides the flexibility to let users pull reports manually at any point in time.

Powerful Reporting

Discovery provides an advanced dimension of reporting that is not possible with other reporting solutions. Administrators can easily examine student or school information with quick-select features for multiple data filters and display methods, such as pie charts and line or bar graphs. Tests can be broken down and evaluated by region, school, grade, gender, age or denomination. This information helps superintendents direct their schools towards the areas of needed improvement.


  • Collect school and student data via a digital census survey.*
  • Ensure census is complete with automated validation highlighting incomplete survey questions.
  • Create powerful dynamic ad hoc reports to review current and past results of census surveys.
  • Schedule automated report generation or pull reports manually at any time.

*National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) census compatible.